A few years ago I posted something we did in our church Young Woman program back HERE.

It was a week of activities prompted by ideas from an amazing Young Woman leader in California.

And it worked with the girls I was working with in my own congregation here in the desert.

Really well.

So I shared it with blog readers way back then.

Since then, apparently many people felt those same feelings I had when I felt compelled to share it with the girls I was working with.  The idea has been re-pinned on Pinterest and shared over and over again.  My in-box was spilling over with requests for the information on how to make it work.

I wrote about what we put in each of the envelopes in our own neck of the woods over here:  https://71toes.com/2011/12/envelopesfinally.html to give others who wanted to do this some ideas to jump from.  But people wanted/needed more information.  So Kelly, the wonderful YW leader who came up with the idea in the first place, put together some great documents for me to send out to requesters.

All these years later I still get requests for the information almost daily.   My girls and I have sent the documents out to literally thousands of requesters all over the world from all different religious backgrounds.  And as much as I am so happy to share it, it’s been difficult to keep up with the requests.  Soooooo, my great brother helped me come up with a way to share the documents here so I don’t have to keep emailing people.

The general overview of the whole shebang is HERE.  It outlines the week how we did it.

A sample letter to the parents to explain what the “Daughter of God” week entails is HERE.

Some great Family Home Evening ideas to send along with the parent letter explaining the program are HERE.

An idea for what to put in one of the seven envelopes is HERE.

Lots of good ideas for the Sunday lesson are HERE.

And some really good quotes to go along with that lesson are HERE.

And just to make sure you got it, the link with the pictures and outlines of what we did here is HERE.

May these tools help you help the girls in your care, whether they are your own daughters or friends or girls from church or school groups, to realize that we are all daughters of God.

And what an amazing blessing that is!

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  1. This is amazing!
    Thank you for taking the time to link all of this info.
    FYI – the link to "what to put in each envelope" has the parent letter come up as the link.
    You probably are already on top of it. I will check back soon!
    Thanks again!

  2. I am in the YW presidency in my ward and we JUST did this! My president told all of us we were doing it and where she got it from and I was all, "Hey! I read Shawni's blog and I LOVE her!" And our girls loved it. So a huge thank you to all of your effort. You amaze me!

  3. Thanks for all the work you put into this! I pinned it from your website two years ago and I still see re-pins of it daily!! You always got great ideas on here. 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this!! I can't wait for the opportunity to do this with the YW in my ward. I feel really strongly this is something they need.

  5. I just wanted to thank you for this idea and for the resources you've provided. I know this post is old…but we have done this daughter of God week for the past 3 years with our young women (although we call it "worth week"). It's probably my favorite thing we have done as a presidency. The first year we used a lot of your ideas. The last two years, we have done a combination of other ideas we've found online and ideas that have come to us through inspiration. I'm a bit surprised every year how much it touches me despite the fact that I already know what will be in the envelopes. And I know it has blessed the lives of our young women.

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