After a week of highlighting each child of ours, I figure Dave needs a little shout-out too.  Because he loves these things I tell you! 🙂 Look how handsome he is:2013-03-28 Easter prep 71928 …and I get to have that guy as my date for things.  Man I am lucky. (That was with our friends who came in town from Ohio and other friends who live close but who we don’t get to see nearly as often as we would like.) Last month Dave asked me out on a hot date. He filled our bedroom up with balloons and I had to pop them all to find out where we were going. Ha ha.  Although I’m very kidding about that little balloon deal, Dave does take me out on dates every weekend which gives me my sanity.  And he DID ask me out for a special date to see a baseball game last month… …with all these kids as our double-date companions:2013-04-03 iPhone 73231 It was a Laurel/Priest (kids in our church who are 16-18 years old) “date night” and all the leaders took their wives along (Dave works with the 16-18 year old boys at church).  It was pretty fun, I must say.2013-04-03 iPhone 732322013-04-03 iPhone 73234 Here are the leaders:2013-04-03 iPhone 73236 Here’s the handsome guy I got to ride the metro with:2013-04-03 iPhone 73241Even carrying my jacket for me.  I tell you… He grew a beard over Spring Break.  Then one day he cut it into a mustache, and this blurry iPhone pic. is all I have to document that little fact:2013-03-16 iPhone 73069Dang! I tried to talk him into keeping it for a couple days but it was gone within hours. Here’s a little snippet into what a good Dad he is: I love this guy.  He’s my better half.  2012-08-20 iPhone 59712 And I always get cheesy when I talk about him. I always get in trouble too. But he’s my #1 and I need to recognize that here for all my children and grandkids and great grandkids to know and be happy about some day.

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  1. *Swoon* Adorable Couple Alert!!

    You two are TOO cute!! Love the example you set for your children regarding the unity in your marriage 😉

    Ps. My "word" input was 'Messiah'…. Love it!!

  2. Well said! I completely agree with your last statement, "But he’s my #1 and I need to recognize that here for all my children and grandkids and great grandkids to know and be happy about some day.". So true!

    Speaking of, my hubby may just get a starring role in our family blog soon, thanks to you. 😉

  3. Oh my goodness… I loved watching that video of Dave and Lucy. It's nice to see little video snippets of your family. I read so much about them, and it's nice to see them in "real life." You and Dave makes such a handsome couple, by the way! 🙂

    Now that you've made a post about all of your kids and Dave, I think it's time for a post about YOU! And if you don't want to write about yourself, I think you should enlist the help of the kids/Dave. Maybe they could make a guest post about you.

    Your paralyzed friend,

  4. Oh man we love that guy too! He's even cuter on the word cards than on the memory game. What a guy! That Lucy is pretty darn cute too!

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