It was Dave’s birthday on November 29th.  
He doesn’t like to be the center of attention any time, especially not on the blog, so I’m choosing this small window late on a Thursday night to write a little recap of what we did.  
We celebrated well for this one, but it was mixed up over a few different celebrations.  
Since our family was going to be in Japan for the big day, Kevin (Dave’s very thoughtful business partner) planned a special night in advance to celebrate together at a hotel where he has some great connections. 

It was the weekend when my brother and cousin were in town, and it’s one for the history books, I tell you!  More about that later, but that was the first celebration.

Then we were in Japan for the actual day.  We had a pancake breakfast in a tiny little house in Tokyo and went sightseeing all. day. long.  That is one of Dave’s very favorite things to do in the whole entire world.  Do you sense the sarcasm there?  But really, he ate it up and we had a great time.

One of his gifts was a little overnight get-away at a hotel downtown.  We haven’t had the opportunity to “date” as much as we do back in the states because life is so different here and we are living up every weekend as a family, so we were both so excited to sneak away overnight on a weekday for a special celebration just the two of us.  This was our view.

 …and then as the sun set over the Bund:

 Took our breath away that this has been our city for a few months, and how it will all seem like a dream so soon.  Trying so hard to live up the last few weeks.

We went out to dinner at a restaurant with a gorgeous view.

…and took a little stroll down the Bund and through to Nanjing Road when we were done.  

We couldn’t very well have a birthday without a family cake so we did it when we got home from our little outing:
I’m not going to get all mushy here, except to say that he’s the best thing that ever happened to me  and I’m so grateful to his parents for raising him to be who he is, and for his conviction for what is right, for the deep way he sees the world and for patient his is to “wait” for me constantly and continually in so many ways.  Oh, and I can’t let this go without saying how much our kids adore him too.  He just makes life fun.
Love him forever.

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  1. What a great guy David is! What he has accomplished this year is pretty incredible! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. The Shanghai scenes are breathtaking! Happy Birthday for the last time until next year when you'll be close enough for us to send you some Ferrero Rocher!

  2. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Dave! It's great to know there are great husbands, fathers, sons, and siblings out there!!! I know you like to remain behind the scenes, but your wife and children wouldn't be the same without you! Thank you for the incredible example!

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