It was a four-day celebration to celebrate forty great years.
My parents stayed after Thanksgiving to stay with the kids while I stole Dave away for a couple days.Have I mentioned how much I adore them?

This picture deserves some explanation:
When I was racking my brain last year trying to figure out a great way to celebrate the big 4-0, Dave claimed all he really wanted was for me to grow my hair out. So I did…but also put in some extensions for the big day. Oh man, I’m just too old to have super long hair, but hey, when that’s the wish of a guy turning forty…

Now I’ve taken both my favorite boys to the top of this mountain. (Click here to see Max’s turn.)

Happy birthday baby. And many more to come.

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  1. I'm sorry … but that first picture where none of your kids are looking at the camera in perfection has made me feel better today 😉 That would be nine tenths of mine (I tease them about being photo-bombers). I love it.

    Happy Birthday, Dave!

  2. you are one gorgeous couple!!!!!!!!!!!! and why do men love long hair so much! My hubby is the same!

    looks like a fabulous 4 day birthday so happy birthday to david (I wanted to write dave then:)!


  3. I have been giggling about the hair extensions all day. that is so funny shawni!!! oh man alive boy howdy thank my lucky stars! I love you and miss you guys. Dave is the best!!!

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