Lucy entertains herself a lot:
…and we have a rough time prying that crown off her head these days.

I love Elle’s friends.

Claire’s best friend who moved into the city came to one of her soccer games.
She was pretty darn excited.

Grace’s teacher asked if I would come help decorate their class pumpkin. I thought it turned out kinda creepy/cute:
(They all got to make their own spiders.)

Claire and I got to volunteer in Lucy’s classroom.
They are only two doors down from each other and their teachers report some very large smiles and glee when they pass each other in the halls.

I love when a friend has a birthday because it helps us remember to slow down and get together.

I also got to go to lunch with some of my “first-grade-moms” that I talked about back here. (Now our “first-graders” are on the brink of high school. Seriously time, slow down!)

Lately it feels like life is rolling by so fast that I don’t get to hardly ever see friends or even talk to them on the phone for that matter. So I cherish stuff like this. It’s not like it used to be when life was simple and we saw each other all the time. It’s few and far between when we can squeeze ourselves away from carpools and meetings and the homework and practicing help. Don’t get me wrong, that’s just as it should be in our stage of life right now, but I am so grateful for good friends and that we can pick up right where we left off even if we rarely get to see each other.

This is how Lucy rolls:
She always has some “mode of transportation” for her squinkies and princesses, whether it’s a box or a bag or a purse, she’s got’em with her.

Elle had a great choir concert. I loved watching her sing so much that it dispelled some of my gloom that she gave up her violin.
(Claire and Grace a.d.o.r.e. Elle’s friends. They think they are the coolest girls on the planet.)

We made our traditional cinnamon rolls to celebrate General Conference (I know, old news).
My girls really like the dental floss part (using dental floss for the cutting).

Claire reads to Lucy almost every night.

And last but not least, one of my favorites from Halloween:


  1. Hi Shawni. I went to TOFW in Phoenix over the weekend and loved your story that you told about the mother who wouldn't allow Christ to help her during her day. I can't remember who it was by and I can't find it through google. I would love to read and have that story. Where can I find it?

    I loved your talk. Thanks for being a great example of an envolved Mom. Thanks so much! –

  2. I couldn't help but laugh out loud at the last photo of Lucy! Oh I love your photos and most especially your blog. It makes me look forward to my own [future] family. Thank you so much!!

  3. I tell ya what, that Lucy is a star in the making! She is a hoot (by all accounts from your writing)!

    You all are truly a special family… love reading your posts and seeing your beautiful photographs.

  4. i just got done watching your video on what a genuine person you are. i love it. such a fun and cute blog! thought i'd stop by and say hi! 🙂

  5. Great post! I am so with you on the baby hungry part. I'm between babies and grandbabies and just yearn to hold anyone's baby. They grow so fast, it's awful!

  6. Thanks for sharing, the reminder to get together with friends was so timely.

    I have been thinking about organizing a reunion with two playgroups I attended with our two youngest sons. But just keep forgetting to organize the reunions.

    So busy, but I will get to it.

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