Dear “people-in-positions-who-made-pre-school-an-opportunity-for-Lucy,” and dear, dear preschool teachers,

I am so elated right now that I must write you a letter to expound on my eternal thankfulness to you.

You see, I just asked my daughter to write her name.

And she did.…with not a smidgen of help from me.

She is three. She has a syndrome that labels her as “slow” which makes every milestone that much more exciting.

You changed my daughter’s life when you accepted her to your preschool. And you didn’t put up with her fits. And you understood when she screamed her head off the entire first week.

I know I sound dramatic. Sure, school changes lives all the time.

But Lucy is a new girl.

We can reason with her (sometimes…but that’s a heck of a lot better than extremely rarely as it was before).

She can count.

She is talking in full sentences.

She is ultra polite. (She even says “bless you” when I sneeze and my heart melts every time.)

She wears her “school shoes” instead of her crocs.

She LOVES the bus (which was definitely not always the case).
She is genuinely happy.

Now, I know that yes, she has a loving family, and yes, any child would grow and develop with four live-in therapists (her siblings). But preschool has given her the extra boost that she desperately needed, and will continue to need as she grows.

And our family can never thank you enough.

Love, Shawni

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  1. Shawni I am so happy for Lucy (and you)! I am so thrilled for you that she has made so much progress. Here's to many more "she just wrote her name without any help!" kind of days!!!

  2. So heartwarming. What wonderful words of thanks. I need to follow your lead and show more appreciation to all of my kiddos teachers, especially those high school teachers. I think I tend to forget about the teachers after the kids reach about 7th or 8th grade. This should not be the case.
    Lucy is just amazingly adorable. I bet she's proud of herself too. Giving up crocs (security blanket) for hard soled shoes is a tough thing to do.

  3. You don't know me–but I follow your blog and I just love your sweet little Lucy. She is too cute and I absolutely love to see pictures of her super cute little face. How could she not be doing so well with such a terrific mother like you?

  4. They are amazing aren't they. Our daughter was accepted and spent two years in a special needs pre-school for some things and they did an AMAZING job! I'm so excited for Miss Lucy…what great accomplishments!

  5. I don't think I've ever commented, but I just needed to give a big AMEN to everything you posted. My daughter attended the same type of preschool here in Mesa for 2 years. It was heart wrenching to put my baby on the bus at 3, but I knew it was for the best. When she began they estimated her speech was 10% intelligible, in other words dad and I were the only ones who could understand 90% of what she said. Life was rough. Fast forward to now and my 2nd grader who has a vocabulary beyond imagination, talks to everyone that blinks. And they understand her! That preschool program changed her life. Heaven bless those devoted, wonderful teachers who change lives.

  6. Aww Shawni!! I had HUGE smile on my face when I saw that she wrote her name!! And as I continued to read, tears filled my eyes!! What a blessing to see all of her accomplishments! As a mom, I know the joy that brings!!! 🙂

  7. Your little Lucy is absolutely precious…what a sweet blessing she is!! I have a 5 year old with some delays and we are really working with her on getting her to write her name. We are still just tracing letters…do you have any tips on what you did with Lucy to help her write her name? Thank you so much. You have a wonderful family, I have some of your and your parents books and they are wonderful!!

  8. YEAH!! I am so happy for you, Lucy and your family. That brought tears to my eyes. Look at the blessings pouring into your home and family. Thank you for sharing Lucy's story and milestones.

  9. SO awesome! That's a way better job writing her name than my three year old – way to go Lucy! And preschool people! And mommy!!

  10. Such a big deal for Lucy…awesome for her!

    Teachers are so amazing…particularly for early childhood…as a middle school teacher, I see a lot of what is laid down early on a daily basis even at a later age and I know they are very special people.

  11. Early intervention is an amazing thing and those who choose to work with special needs children are angels in my opinion. My special needs daughter is now 17 and she has had, and continues to have, some of the world's most wonderful, caring, capable teachers. They have made an amazing difference in her life and I'm so happy to hear that your sweet Lucy is experiencing the same!

  12. Yay Lucy!!!!! That is great for any three year old! Having had a little one that struggled so much that young (he did not talk til 4) I am pulling for that sweet little girl! I pray she continues with that happiness and motivation! (Note… my little struggler is now an honor student 7th grader! The accomplishments of those ones that struggle are so special!) Way to go Lucy!

  13. You don't know me… but I get those little moments. School is so important and gives them a feeling of independance. You must be an amazing mom. I went to Jerusalem with your sister, Sadie. I love your family and I love your blog. Good luck and continue on.

  14. Lucy is doing SO well! You are such a lucky lady! My girls did not do any of the things you have listed at 3 – in fact Carly had no language until nearly 5, (that could be understood)and did not put all the letters in her name until after her second year of kindergarten.
    Lucy is SO amazing! She seems to be right on target – I heard her talking and asking you questions, this is also amazing for a BBS kiddo!

  15. Love, love, love the picture of Lucy waiting for the school bus. Lucy is a lucky girl with such a wonderful family wrapped around her. The pictures of her just melt my heart. 🙂

  16. First of all, I LOVE your blog. Second of all, ohmygosh your family picture is on I couldn't believe it! It's the one where you are all up in the tree!

  17. Oh Shawni – as a preschool teacher, that melts my heart! Seeing the progress like Lucy has made is the reason we keep teaching, it is our reward, our "reason for being". I would love to have the priviledge of workging with your beautiful daughter! But knowing that parents notice and appreciate – yeah, we like to hear that too 🙂

  18. Shawni!! This post makes me so happy for all of you and especially Lucy! I am just crying my little eyes out! Such a little person giving such big inspiration!

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