Don’t ask me why I let the pictures on my walls bug me when I was running around frantically trying to get stuff done before the school bell rang at noon yesterday signaling two-weeks of school freedom.

But I did. They just weren’t very Christmas-y.

So when I stopped at Home Depot to grab something else I needed I also snagged a bunch of branches they had cut off the bottom of real Christmas trees (they just put them out there for people like me to pick up).

I got home and wired them together with a bow and voila, more festive-ness, easy as pie.
Now if I can spruce up our family motto to look a little more festive…
But first I must help the girls finish their Saturday jobs, get to Max’s volleyball tournament and deliver about ten thousand more treats. Please someone remind me NOT to do the baking thing again next year.

But hey, at least my walls are Christmas-y. 😉

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  1. Looks wonderful in your house. I'll remind you if you remind me–I did not really have time to bake, yet for some reason felt I needed to keep up our traditional teacher gifts etc…stayed up way to late and was scrambling to finish. Why can we never learn?!

  2. They look lovely! Isn't it amazing what a few branches and some ribbon can do to make the place look more festive? Sometimes less is more!
    Re: Baking – I say that every year and yet I still do the same again the next year. I guess we are all suckers for punishment ….lol! Merry Christmas from snowy Switzerland. Becca

  3. I promise a desire to hope that the friends of mine are happy have not put like oneself happiness with coming the warm Christmas to like in every year's this time sending to my blessing Merry Christmas

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