There are many times I forget why in heaven’s name we live in the desert. Those are the days when I can’t even think very straight since I’m just trying to keep from melting in the heat.

But in the winter? That is when I remember.

Right now we live in a wonderland I tell you!

Our trees are dripping with the tastiest oranges:

We are trying to take advantage of gorgeous hiking weather whenever we can squeeze it in:

And soaking up winter sunsets from our “sunset spot.”

We can just hang and kiss outside whenever we want.

Ha! (That was just when my brother was showing us the photographic capacities of his new iPhone…it was totally dark outside when he took those pictures, which was kinda cool.)

Often I just have to stop in my tracks and feel all that gratitude in my heart.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. This is so random on this post, but I tried looking around for an email address and couldn’t find it…so, please delete if too random. However, have you read anything that Greta Eskridge has written about protecting children from pornography? I think she writes in such an empowering way, and that you might really appreciate how she tackles the subject. She posted today about the super bowl halftime show, but also just has a lot of other really powerful articles on the subject. Thought you might enjoy her words!

    1. I’m glad you shared this. What a easy and great way to open communication with our children. Thanks for suggesting the link

      1. It’s interesting how women and girls are covering their faces with makeup and uncovering the rest of their bodies. Pole dancing isn’t part of Hispanic culture. They are not at the beach. Male performers get clothing. Harvey Weinstein is on trial. Bill Cosby has been tried. I do not understand how people can think these performances are totally from the mind of the entertainer given how artists have been managed. No one is saying these performances should not take place ever, just not on national tv with an audience of all ages at that time of day. The league wants young fans, the advertisers know families are watching and promoting their products. Why doesn’t the half time organizer know what the league and advertisers know?

  2. I grew up in California and am currently living there. My husband is looking at a job out in Arizona and when I was talking to my sister she told me to look at your blog to get me excited about the state. I love lawns, trees, flowers and plants and I was thinking I wouldn’t be able to get any of that in moving to Arizona but in your pictures it looks green and beautiful. If you don’t mind me asking, what area you live in or what areas are more green in Arizona?

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