I’m grateful I live in the desert.

My husband may be surprised to hear that after all my summer heat complaints, and because I pretty much desert the desert as much as I possibly can in the summer. BUT, man oh man, when November hits boy howdy do we ever enjoy ourselves. (Yeah, it takes ’til November for real to get out of the 100s.)

I love palm trees. Always have.

I love bare feet and flip flops…even in November and December.

I think we have the best sunsets, ever. And believe me, I’m a connoisseur of good sunsets. These ones take the cake.

But there are three things I don’t like so much: (besides the very obvious overwhelming heat in the summers)

1) No Fall leaves. While everyone else across the country is basking in the glory of their glow that overtakes their towns and cities and canyons. Oh man, my mouth waters for Fall leaves.

2) That we have to re-plant our grass every single Fall. You may think I kid about this, but I am telling the truth: If you want green grass in the winter (the only time you can really be outside and roll around in it and enjoy it because it’s too hot the rest of the year) you have to scalp down your summer lawn, sprinkle new rye grass seed all over it, along with a bunch of stinky fertilizer, and grow new grass.

3) There are scorpions here. We’ve only seen one in our house the whole almost-eight-years we have lived here. And I just knew it was a fluke. But I’m sad to report that alas, as we all sat around a couple nights ago doing homework, reading, the whole bedtime hullabaloo (that word’s for you, Dave), one of those big old things walked quietly, but boldly right across our kitchen floor. It stirred up quite the excitement and Claire was convinced it was going to be our new pet. But all the happy hoopla only lasted until bedtime when tears started rolling down cheeks ’cause kids were envisioning scorpions taking over the house. None of us could sleep that night. Now we’re praying it was a lonely fellow, and that he didn’t have any friends around. We’ll see…

But wait, this is supposed to be a thankful post.

I’m still thankful for the desert.

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  1. Yes, it's good to be grateful for the desert. See, you could be up here in Canada where there's still no real fall ('cause it gets cold too fast), and there are definitely no flip-flops in the winter . . . or even most of the summer.

    Hey, maybe I should get going on some thankful posts or something!

  2. I can't imagine living anywhere other than North Carolina, but, I DO love hot weather! I think it might feel strange to be eating turkey at Thanksgiving when it is HOT outside but I would be willing to give it a try.

    BUT, i draw the line where scorpions are concerned! How could you go to sleep that night/ Seriously, HOW?

  3. Shawni, I had five scorpions in my house the first couple of weeks in my new house. I am scared to death of them. I even made my dad come over and kill one once because it was on a wall and knew I couldn't do it. I have lived here my whole life and never saw one until this neighborhood.

  4. So, so sorry! I can't stand those little buggers. I was always thankful for our black light. Do you want it now that I don't have scorpions any more? xoxo

  5. Fall leaves are overrated…you don't have to clean them up! I do love the change of seasons, I just wished they changed when I wanted them too! 🙂 Flip flops in December sounds right up my alley.

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