I better finish my report of Fall break before Christmas comes and goes…

After Disney World we got to take a short Disney cruise.

Our children thought that for sure they had died and gone straight to Heaven.

And to be honest…so did all of us parents.

I’ll just say that Disney knows how to put on a good show.
Claire fell promptly in love with Minnie Mouse…and with towel animals.
Our first stop was the Bahamas.

It was rainy and overcast. But that didn’t stop our group of 22 from piling into one van:
(I wish you could see the squished kids in the back.)

…and heading to the beach.

As it got colder and threatened rain more we got creative and decided to spell out “Bahamas.”
(You may have to use your imagination, but we had fun.)

There’s nothing like a big group of cousins who love each other.

The other stop was on Disney’s own private island.

Ok, pretty much I wish we could have just unpacked and lived there forever.
First we checked the little girls into the fun child place and rented bikes with the big kids. We took a trip around the island.
It was gorgeous.
This was “follow the leader:”

It was kind of cool that the real “Black Pearl” from Pirates of the Caribbean was there:
We played on the beach for the rest of the day.

In perfect weather we were ever more grateful for since the day before was so chilly.
My niece is an angel with Lucy…in fact, all her cousins are.
She is one lucky girl.

It was no surprise that the ice cream was a big hit:
And snorkeling:

…and picnics:
…and a princess frisbee some lady gave Lu:
Now if we can just figure out how to make Lucy that happy all the time…

Thank you to Dave’s company for a trip none of us will forget!

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  1. The "Bahamas" spelled out was spectacular! What an awesome idea! We have been on 4 cruises and I think they are the best. EVERYONE gets to relax-no cooking and cleaning……the best!

  2. We also did the Disney cruise not too long ago and my kids are begging to go again. It was incredible! I love your photos of the kids spelling Bahamas!

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