Dave and I had “separate vacations” for the first three days of spring break. We were planning on heading up to Utah all together for our second annual ski trip with the cousins. But then my brother had to go and get engaged, (but we forgive you, Eli!), making it tough to justify two trips to Utah in a little over a month. So I had Dave take Max and Elle up because I was too much of a softie to let them miss that important time with their cousins. And although the little girls and I missed seeing everyone, I’m telling you, we had so much fun in our own ways, Dave and I, concentrating on the kids we had for a few days. I already wrote about our adventures here at home: trips to the park, pedicures, cleaning out closets, going to “Horton Hears a Who,” eating out, bike rides, baby kittens (more on that later). And of course, Dave, Max and Elle lived it up on the slopes. They were camera-less up there, so I’ll just add a couple pictures from last year. They had such a great time. So, we “divided and conquered.”Then we had a couple days to unwind and do some fun stuff all together here like going out to Denny’s for breakfast, playing tennis and swimming. The weather was amazing and man oh man it’s been hard to hit back to reality with all the appointments and deadlines and craziness this week.

So, thanks Eli & Julie for making spring break great. Can’t wait for the big wedding!

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  1. Well that looked like so much fun! How smart to split it up, I am sure the older kids enjoyed the time with their Daddy and much as the little ones did with their Mommy!

  2. That looks like fun! Adam can’t ski so it’s up to me to teach my kids. I need to get on the ball! They would love it. Some of my best memories were on our ski trips.

  3. Getting back to normal life is the one downside of spring break. It’s sad to see it end, BUT thankfully it’s nearly April so the summer months are getting near.
    (Though that can bring new levels of craziness too…)

    What a fun trip. It’s so great to have family traditions like that. My parents put my brother and I on the ski bus every other Saturday beginning when I was 7. There’s nothing like enjoying the gorgeous winter weather on the slopes.

    So fun to have a wedding soon. My brother’s getting married in July. Good times ahead for all!

  4. sound like you guys had the best time ever. the weather WAS so nice. you guys are really creating amazing memories for your children. they are so lucky!

    eli and julie…the shortest engagement of all time. hahahah! actually come to think of it it is about the same as jeff and i. i guess when you know you might as well get it done. 🙂

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