Ok so I forgot to post this earlier, dang it, but just a little reminder that tomorrow, Tuesday, October 13th is the big first day of the Mom Conference that I posted about back HERE.

And here’s a little preview of my little interview with Saren that is on the docket for tomorrow:

I’m kind of horrified to see myself up close and personal talking with my crooked mouth πŸ™‚ but I’m still promoting because we get to talk all about joy in the journey of motherhood.  We can all use a little boost to remind ourselves that this job can be quite JOYOUS amidst the smears of peanut butter and arguing and whining and trying to be in three places at the same time, right?  I’m excited to see how it turned out.

But I’m even more excited to hear from all the other speakers.  Boy there are some really, really good topics I’m so in need of help with right now!  And I still can’t believe this whole things is FREE!

Once you sign up (HERE), you will get an email each morning of the conference telling you the schedule and how to link up.  The classes start at 10:00 a.m. EST (8:00 Mountain time) and end at 9:59 a.m. EST the next morning.  Once each 24-hour period has ended, the classes are no longer available, and they will go on to the next day of speakers.

My problem is that it’s fall break in the desert right now and we are going to be driving for a lot of hours in the car tomorrow.  I know a bunch of people are in the same boat so never fear, you can buy the classes for a pretty minimal cost later.  BUT if you’re available to tune in on the right days, free sounds pretty good to me!

So go sign up and ENJOY!!

Here’s the link:  conferenceformoms.com


  1. I just love you, Shawni! That interview on the Mom conference was so great. Thanks for all you said. I loved that quote by Anna Quindlen . .. . and you can also bet that we are all pitching in on after-dinner chores tonight. Thanks again!!!

  2. Shawni – Your interview was awesome! I've followed you for years on here so I feel like I know your "voice" in print, but it was such a pleasure to listen and SEE you talk motherhood. Almost like sitting down with a friend for a chat. Thank you for sharing yourself and such inspiring ideas with us all!

  3. I tried multiple times and couldn't get any of the videos to go beyond the first 2 minutes – even after some website repair. The first 2 minutes were lovely :). How fun to be interviewed by your sister.

  4. I loved this interview! I have loved your blog for a while, but this was a perfect thing for me to listen to. I love being a Mom and felt like this conference was maybe optional since things are going pretty good (knock on wood!), but I learned so much yesterday and was inspired to have my kids help more, learn more, and us all to shop and enjoy life more fully. Thank you for your wonderful thoughts!

  5. Your link above that says "momconference.com" works and takes you to the right website (conferenceformoms.com), but if you type in that address it actually takes you to an adult themed website. Just thought you might want to know!

  6. I couldn't comment on the post about Tal & Anita's adoption profile. I'm not sure if recommendations can be edited, but your father says something about "would be great for an adopted child." Could just be the generation, but if I were a possible mother looking to place my baby, thinking that someone in the family would look at them as always adopted may be a turn off. Best of luck to them!

  7. Kareninaz, that is how the child would always be looked at by everyone in that family. Most especially if it were of a different race (not likely) or had health issues (which may not present until much later in life).

  8. Loved loved loved the mom conference! Thank you for your wonderful webinar! You mentioned a book called breakthrough parenting. Could you tell me the name of the author?

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