Happy Halloween!

Usually by this time my camera is filled up to the brim with Halloween get-ups, but this year this is all I’ve got from the neighborhood Fall Festival:

At least it’s a pretty cute one! Love those friends and love that Lucy decided pretty much last Halloween that she wanted to be Eliza Hamilton this year and once that girl decides on something, she holds strong!

Since I don’t have many Halloween outfits for a Halloween post, let’s skip to the pumpkins. Because we did do that.

First at the church activity:

Lu was pretty excited about her pineapple:

We tried to cram in our family pumpkin carving between school and volleyball practice one day while my parents were here. Claire was scrambling around trying to get out the door for volleyball though, so pretty much it was these two and me:

Which was weird and a little bit melancholy for me. Gosh, how did all those days with the table piled high with kids and tools and ideas and pumpkin seeds slink away so quickly!? Thank Heavens my dad was here, right?

Claire came through last night though with a bunch of friends hauling over a bunch of pumpkins after volleyball and church activities.

Loved their creations:

And those smiles too.

Hope everyone’s Halloweens are off to a great start!

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