As I’ve tried to incorporate more meditation into my life, I’ve been even more invested in the earth and sky. (Oh, it’s quite a normal thing for the sky and the earth to take my breath away…I think to the chagrin of my family who have to hear me oogle about how beautiful it is all the time).

But lately it’s been interesting I’ve noticed how my favorite meditation exercises talk about the “light” from the earth grounding you and moving up into you, making you shine, “cradling you,” encircling you, etc.

And I think that’s such a beautiful concept: connection with the earth and sky.

So I thought I’d share some of my favorite pictures of just that from my iPhone lately.

Look at the shapes of the clouds below:

And I had to take this next pic at a stoplight, look at those cool wispy clouds in front of me behind those palm trees:

I love how these branches frame that vibrant blue winter sky:

…and how the sky looked, little wisps of clouds outlining Lucy and my polar plunge:

(Yes, we really did that, and yes, it sucked the wind right out of us!)

I had to stop to catch the morning light behind our blossoming pear tree…it stopped me in my tracks en route to the kitchen one morning:

Let’s get a closer look at that one:

This was the coolest sky…all dark and drab above but the sun shining down below the clouds:

And the sunset that night:

So grateful we’re grounded on this earth, beneath this vast, ever-changing glorious sky.

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  1. So beautiful !! There is so much beauty all around us! I have been trying to notice and soak in all the beauty around me too!

  2. I love seeing the world through the lens of your camera! You capture the beauty of the earth so well! You and Lucy are daring to do a polar plunge. Have a blessed day!

  3. Nature is amazing! I’m trying to get better at documenting life – normally I take pictures only on vacation or at very special occasions, but sometimes I want to remember nature and people I see in my hometown, too – like these pics you share. Do you take most of these pictures with your phone or do you have a “real” camera with you a lot of the time?

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