Easter, as usual, was great. It was a crazy day, but thankfully still charged with some good spiritual energy due to the great suggestions I got a couple posts ago (thanks again for that).

It was even great despite the fact that I think I may be the one mean Mormon mom on the planet who made her kids get dressed up on Easter even though it happened to fall on General Conference Sunday. You see, General Conference (when we stay home and watch all our church leaders speak words of wisdom to us from the television set for four hours) happened to fall on Easter Sunday this year. Traditionally on General Conference we hang out in our p.j.’s, make cinnamon rolls, have a great brunch with friends in between sessions, and let those words of inspiration wash over us.

But on Easter, well, besides the spiritual and fun stuff, we have some picture-taking traditions we must live up to. So the kids got fancied up just for a little bit (just from stuff they already had in their closets aside from Lu’s $8 dress from Target we found the night before). And they were good sports about…except in this picture Max had just about had enough. (But seriously kids…you’ll be so happy some day when we have all our Easter pictures up from years gone by and we have one from this year too…or maybe that’ll just be me that is happy…Hmmmm. Well, thanks for appeasing me anyway.)

Obviously I have no self-control when it comes to taking pictures of Lucy. I just can’t help myself. I think it’s because it’s a huge challenge. It takes some serious cajoling:

But before all that gussying-up-picture-taking-mumbo-jumbo we had the other festivities…

The follow-the-string-to-the-Easter-basket was the biggest maze yet.

Max had to go all over outside and through the cars to find his.

Lucy’s string-interest didn’t last long so I just showed her her basket. And for the rest of the morning all she cared about was the play-doh it held:
…and stacking plastic eggs from one basket to another:
Then the kids hunted for eggs.

And we soaked in General Conference. LOVED it.
(That’s a bingo game thingy the kids love to do that helps them listen more closely to the talks.)

Then we hosted 30 people for dinner. Boy howdy that was a crowd but it was so much fun to have a bunch of Dave’s family together.

(Those yellow glasses aren’t for real but aren’t they cute?)

I forgot to take a picture of this table until almost everyone had deserted it, but you get the idea.

The teenagers made up some games in the back yard:

And of course, another egg hunt was in order:

So there you have it, Easter in an “eggshell.” Get it? Man, sometimes I crack myself up, especially when I haven’t slept for a long time.

Happy Easter, from our family to yours!
Love, Shawni

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  1. Yours has become one of my favorite blogs. The combination of wonderful photography, your love for Jesus, your gorgeous home and your beautiful family (not to mention Lucy's eyes) are a perfect combination for me. Thank you for sharing. I can *feel* the love of your family. Have a wonderful day today.

  2. i have never met anyone who likes each other as much as Dave, James and Paul. i mean, seriously… k, they work together every day of the week and yet, still get together on family get togethers like easter and then, as if that isnt enough, they lounge around the table after dinner TALKING some more! wow. thats a lot of love. i am glad that your family is so close 🙂

  3. I love seeing all those pictures of my favorite people. Thanks for sharing the fun family events. Wish we could be there with you. Love ya.

  4. Your pictures are insanely beautiful! I have four(2 and 2),ages 6,5,3, and 2. I want you to know how much I appriciate the color "coordination"! I know how hard that is. I can not even imagine having that many people over and gussing up the kids that way. Never mind having the patience or presence of mind for all of those photos! Lucy's eyes are mezmerizing!

  5. I'm really loving your blog! The idea of the yarn to find the baskets is so fun! I would have just loved that as a kid. My husband's mom sends them on a "treasure hunt" to find their baskets using scriptures as clues. It's always fun.

    ps- I'm reading your book of secrets right now. You are a great writer

  6. Looks like a wonderful day!! The pictures (colors of the kids clothes) are beautiful!! The one picture of Lucy by herself with the basket (and a serious face) held me for minutes!! What a GORGEOUS picture!!! Her eyes are amazing!!!
    Just thought I'd tell you I "borrowed" your string idea this year and my kids LOVED it!! It was so much fun to see them follow the string and finally find their basket!! What a great idea! Thanks!!!

  7. Precious precious pictures! Precious precious family!
    Of course I don't even "know" you all… your blog is one of my daily stops. I love the inspiration through your pictures, beautifully decorated home, spirituality, motherhood, and child rearing. Thank you so much for sharing!

  8. wonderful. great pictures!!! love the colors of your kids outfits. they are just darling.
    looks like a great time. wonderful to have family. blessed for sure!

  9. My sister AND cousin showed me your blog. And behold, I found someone at your easter dinner who is my husband's cousin. I guess that means we're related. :o) Can't remember his name, the Ellingson line is too big to remember everyone I've married into. Anyway, I feel special that I "know" someone in there. Love your blog. Your family is so cute, and your photography is gorgeous!

  10. Love that picture of Lucy on the stairs with her string! She is too cute! Looks like a great Easter…and man you are mean making those kids dress up on conf Sunday! 😉 love that pic of Max too! You have good sports for kids!

  11. Gorgeous kids AND quite a photographer too! Hey Shawni, if you have a minute pop some of these beautiful pictures of Lucy on the I LOVE LUCY Project site. Maybe you already have! She is ADORABLE!

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