As I mentioned before, we go hog-wild coloring Easter eggs over here. We love it.

So here are some kind of pixelated-for-some-reason pictures for you:
(Lucy decided to go with the black motif this year.)

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  1. SO funny, I was wondering what those charts on the cupboards are too????
    I was SO planning on painting eggs like ya'll this year but we ran out of time!!! Next year for sure!!!

  2. wow.
    also wondering what the days list are.
    And what do you do with all those painted eggs after?
    I never want my kids to paint too many because I don't want to waste them.

  3. Oh I should have explained…those things on the cabinets outline the last week of Christ's life before Easter Sunday. We just put them up and studied at scripture study each day that week what happened on that particular day of Christ's life. I can't claim coming up with the idea…something from my FHE group back in Virginia.

  4. Hi Shawni! It's so fun to see how creatively your children paint their eggs. I love it! Saren let me and my four children join in their egg-decorating this year since we were visiting, but I think I caused more chaos than anything else. Thanks for the fun post!

  5. I love your blog and photography! I was wondering how you made the picture collages behind your dining room table next to the picture of the temple? Those look really fun, and I'd love something like that behind my couch of our travels. Thanks!

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