When I was growing up, carving pumpkins and painting Easter eggs were some of my favorite holiday traditions.

Something about that creative outlet…creating something from a blank slate…a blank pumpkin, or a smooth, plain egg.

Well, because of that you can bet your boots we don’t take our Easter egg coloring lightly around here. I think I’ve successfully passed on my love to my girls.Lucy mostly liked trying to drink the colored cups of egg dye…
…and trying to grab everyone’s eggs while they were in mid-paint. (Luckily Dora saved the day.)We like to use these little egg decorations to get inspiration from:
It’s a good thing we got a bunch of pictures because the girls decided they had to scarf half of them down after we were done. I think their mouths were watering the whole time we painted. I had no idea how much they adored boiled eggs. Who knew?

I guess the Easter Bunny will have to hide more chocolate this year…to make up for all the eggs in my girls’ tummies…and because they have to have plenty to share with their Mom.

Max and Dave were missing in action, basketball took prescience over eggs tonight in their book. They don’t know what they were missing out on. We’ll just keep that between me and the girls.

‘Cause seriously, I think we’re ready for another round tomorrow.

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  1. Man, you guys really know how to make an egg pretty! Those eggs are beautiful. Way to go girls! And we do love being updated on Lucy and what you learn about Bardett-Biedl. We’re prayin’ for you and are always in awe of your family!

  2. Those are SO adorable! I need to have more patience. The mess of it all drives me crazy. But if I do decide to get more creative, did you just use craft paint???
    Lyndee “tasted” all the colors, too. Gross. She liked it. And wouldn’t stop. Ick.

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