I am behind on my Easter prep. this year, but I’m scrambling to it today, since tomorrow starts the beginning of Easter week.  As I prepare for tomorrow, I’m pulling out our big yellow lists of things we line our kitchen cabinets with each day outlining all that happened that most sacred of weeks.  And I’m using this list of family ideas my sister made up that I LOVE here.  (I especially love all those video clips…maybe I’ll show some in Primary tomorrow…) Lots of other things we do with our family here, and lots of great ideas from reader’s comments in this post.  Oh man, I adore Easter.  Everything about it.  How I hope I can help our family concentrate on the real meaning of it all, because to me, that makes it is the most glorious holiday of all. Check out this beautiful clip here: http://www.lds.org/topics/easter?lang=eng

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  1. Shawni you have just made my day!!!! I always feel like Easter creeps up on me and it doesn't help to be a CPA and it always seems to fall smack in the middle of tax season so I'm even more behind!! I'm so excited for this now I can go home (from work) later tonight and have something great to look forward to working on!

    Thank you again so much I just absoutely love love your blog!

  2. All the families we just came from in Latin America call this "Holy Week" and although many sadly jsut consider it a great time to take a vacation, there are also many who love commemorating the last week of the Savior's life.

    Love what you Eyre women are doing to honor the events of that week. Wish we had thought of that when you were little! Good on you!

  3. This is so random, but we just took our littles today to a Faberge egg festival here in DC, and some of the Russian Easter traditions are beautiful. The whole week before Easter they greet each other by saying "Christ is Risen!" and the person being greeted replies "Indeed He has Risen!". Maybe that seems weird but I thought it was so beautiful. They also kiss on the cheeks three times (right, left, right) to signify the three days in the tomb. There were also some fun more secular traditions like painting wooden eggs to share with those you love (going back to the Tsar's Faberge eggs), special breads for the Easter Feast, and the sweetest games…something you might enjoy researching some year for a Easter/Russian night.

  4. I would love to know what you print on your Yellow papers that you hang on your kitchen cabinets and how what you do with it with your family. I love the having a constant visual up in the home all week. Thx!

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