Thanks to my sister Saydi’s great Easter Prep packet we have been a little more on-the-ball with Easter prep this year.
And it feels so good.  
We have been incorporating a little extra into our traditional Holy Week scripture study:
(more about how we do that back HERE).
We had a great idea (spurred by Saydi’s guide, and I’m using “we” very liberally because the girls weren’t overly thrilled about this idea, ha!) to choose one thing thing to “cleanse” in our home on the day Jesus cleansed the temple.  The girls chose their lockers and I chose my office…and Dave is always cleansing so he just kept on keeping-on.
That felt so good!
We had our own little {very simplified and mostly substituted} Passover meal for the first time.  
I’ve always wanted to do that with my kids the same kind of way we did it on study abroad in Jerusalem.  We didn’t get the food right and had to substitute a bunch but I loved sitting there in candlelight with this family of mine talking through all those foods and the symbolism and beauty of the Passover meal.
(good ideas from Saydi’s link as well as from this cool Easter guide I got last year from Etsy over HERE.)
We stayed up way too late one night to paint Easter eggs.  We usually cram this in the last minute, but the girls were determined to do them on Tuesday night for some reason or another so we did.

 Because I’m a big giant sucker for this tradition and I love that my girls love it as much as I do.

 I love to watch everyone’s creative juices come out.

…and that sometimes those creative juices spill out onto foreheads:


 Claire was really into the sayings this year:

Grace had some cool line-drawing ideas that she looked up on the Internet (above).

Lucy painted one to look like it was marbleized:

 …and enjoyed some stickers too:

 We added a little glitter too.

 Oh boy we kind of have fun with eggs.

We celebrated no school on Good Friday by having an inaugural trip to the lake.

Which was grand and great, but my favorite part was the drive home when our car (with the little girls) filled with a discussion of what really happened on Good Friday that we celebrate all those years ago.


  1. Can you do a post on all the cool details of your house (like the lockers with outlets in them)? Everytime I see posts with your house, I am in love with all the smart, kid friendly ideas you had when building it and decorating it.

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