We started our Easter week tradition during scriptures this week.

(Do you like our “new” kitchen table?)

We put up those yellow papers each year.  Each day of the week leading up to Easter we read the part in the scriptures that tells about what happened in Christ’s life leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection.  
Much more detail about those yellow things back HERE.
More other Easter ideas HERE.
I’m soooo grateful to have a week to reflect on such an incredible event.  And to try to help my kids understand the beauty of it all.


  1. Love it! Wild to have a glimpse inside not only your new house and your gorgeous table, but especially your devotion to our Savior during this special week!

  2. Off topic–but I couldn't find an email address. I would love to read your parents' books but have no idea which one to start with. I currently have a 13-month-old. Which one do you recommend I read first? Are there any other parenting books you recommend for this stage of motherhood? Thanks so much!

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