We marched into Easter weekend right on the tail of the wedding, so I was kind of grasping at straws to be prepared (gosh, my “one word” for this year: prepare, sure is a big one, and still so much work to do on that sucker).

But you know what? Turns out you don’t actually have to have matching dresses and little gifts in Easter baskets after all. Ok, so maybe I actually learned that last year…or the year before. What really matters is, of course, that the tomb was empty all those years ago. Left filled with love. And that Christ lives. I hope that’s what was felt around here on Easter weekend.

On Good Friday we joined together with everyone else in the world who wanted to join, and fasted for relief from this global pandemic.

Loved that we were all into it and felt the encircling of the whole world together in it all.

I also loved that everyone jumped on board with my idea to break our fast with a little picnic in the temple parking lot.

I had grand visions of going through the events of Holy Week together there but gave up and realized I just needed to “be” and enjoy those people and that food and the gorgeous, perfect weather with the temple glowing behind us as a backdrop.

I talked more about the Good Friday quote my friend dropped off and how it helped fill up the spirit in our home that night back HERE, but I didn’t post how the sky looked that night:

…and a sky like that needs to be shown off for sure.

Also, I LOVED this Good Friday poem by Mary Oliver that my sister sent.

Brought tears to my eyes again.

Abby was all on board to experiment with natural egg dyes late into the night on Saturday night.

(Love that girl and her creativity and game-for-anything-ness…she’s the best)

We used onion skins, blueberries and turmeric to make our dye:

…and put some eggs in to refrigerate over night to see what we’d get.

Meanwhile Claire got her groove on as a special Easter Bunny assistant.

My sweet friend had picked up some Easter candy for us since she knew we were so busy with wedding stuff. I love her.

We were so tired by the end of the night that Dave talked me into going to bed and doing our “string-leading-to-Easter-baskets” first thing in the morning before the kids woke up.

And do you know what? I woke up to find that Dave had gotten up early and done all that string business by himself. The sweetest Easter gift of love right there.

Bo Jangles was quite confused by it all.

Sorry, why do I have to put three pictures of my dog? I don’t know but she’s so amusing to all of us.

The “Easter Bunny” had also hidden all the eggs, so we had our traditional scraggly haired hunt.

The Easter Bunny had figured out a fun coin game that made the various eggs they found fun.

Eggs Benedict as per tradition:

And family Easter church services that filled my heart right up.

That spot has become quite sacred by now with the church services we’ve had there and I love it so much.

Grace was in charge of the lesson this time around and she had each person read some parts of the Easter story from inside some eggs.

So glad Josh could join us, and also that Lucy is so into these lessons, always has the best insights to share…

Fit in our egg painting after church. Here are some from our natural dyes:

I loved the blueberry one:

Claire came up with a fingernail polish one:

All that is all fun and games, but I’m so grateful for that middle part: church where we got to renew our appreciation that He Lives.

And everything changes because of the beauty of that.

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  1. I loved this Easter too! It was different for sure, but just lovely. That egg-turner thing is cool, might have to search for that since we’re always looking for new fun ways to decorate our eggs. Glad it was a happy Easter for you and yours too:)

  2. Happy Easter! I love that you had a picnic in your church parking lot! Great idea! Random question from one tall girl to another…where did you get your pretty green dress? I am always looking for stylish dresses that aren’t too short…! Thanks so much!!

  3. Somehow I missed this post! The eggs looked spectacular! That Dave! Who knew he was was so good at the string thing! Loved seeing this with your crowd!
    Air hugs!

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