Easter snuck up on us WAY too fast this year. And it made me kind of mad, because I like looking forward to one of my favorite holidays for longer. But I got over it. It was all led up to by the most gorgeous Spring Break in history (at least in my book). More details about that later, because Lucy’s about to wake up and my other kids are coming in the door in an hour and I still have to run to the grocery store before then. So I’m just sticking in a few pictures from the big day:I can’t believe these are the only pictures I got of the string maze through our house. The Easter Bunny leaves a string at the end of each child’s bed leading them on a serious scavenger hunt around the house to find their Easter baskets. The Easter bunny has really wanted to quit this tradition because every year (s)he has a battle with the string and ends up having a super late night trying to untie knots, but the kids love it so much that that poor bunny can’t give it up. The kids love following their string around and trying not to get it mixed up with everyone else’s.Then we have an egg hunt outside.We painted eggs before Movie Night on Friday. We take egg coloring very seriously around here. This is one of my favorite things to do with the kids. I love to watch them get better and better with their little paintbrushes each year.

My parents and brother are usually in town for Easter but weren’t this year (we missed you guys!), so we had to improvise for our traditional Easter family picture. We did one with a self timer with my little camera:and one of the kids:and the parents:We had a big dinner with the cousins and another egg hunt there.
And I had to add a picture of this cake the girls and I made for dessert…because we were kind of proud of it.

I am so thankful for Easter and the opportunity it gives to reflect on Christ and the resurrection. I hope amongst all the candy and fun my kids were able to catch the spirit we tried to create and to reiterate as much as possible. I’m so thankful for such a gorgeous time of year to remember new life and the amazing blessings we have in our knowledge and love for our Savior.

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  1. Wow!! I love all that you and your family do for the holidays. I am going to have to steal some of your creative ideas. You capture such precious moments with your pictures. I love looking at all the photos!! You guys are beautiful!

  2. The string thing must be a neighborhood tradition. I just read about that on Nichole’s blog. What a cute idea!
    What a cute cake too!
    It must be so fun to have all those girls!
    The eggs were so beautifully painted! Looks like a great Easter. I wish we had that warm weather in Va….not quite yet but were getting there.

  3. WOW! You go all out Shawni! You are amazing! All these pictures are so fun. Your Easter eggs are painted so beautifully and the cake is super cute. I love how your girls are in all different spring colors. I am laughing that you just had a few minutes to post that and you posted so much!

  4. I didn’t know we both did the string thing. It’s a fun tradition! Denny thinks I am a little crazy but it is worth all the work in the end. The kids love it! Loved all your cute pictures. Amazing you did all that by 9 am!

  5. Egg decorating is one of my LEAST favorite things to do with the kids, but we do it anyway.

    I’m thinking, however, if my eggs turned out as fantastic as yours I may have a different opinion.

    I know you must hear this on a daily basis, I don’t care I am repeating it anyway….you have the MOST beautiful family!

  6. Shawni, thanks for your comment on my blog. I just sent you an e-mail. We would love for you to do our family photos! Thanks so much!

  7. SOOOO fun to see all this! We missed being with you! Eli and Julie are so fun but it’s just not the same without little kids! We colored Easter eggs on Sunday night! Shows you what happens when there are no little ones to push you on! Just too much stuff going on to fit in the Easter bunny!

    Love the slide show going on from your photo shoots too. Great way to share! What an amazing talent you have!
    Love you,

  8. I am borrowing your tradition next year. We decorate the eggs with glitter and dye, but I had never thought of painting them. My kids would LOVE that! And so would I.

    Thanks for the new idea, as always!

  9. It was so fun to meet you the other day in Costco. You have a beautiful family and a wonderful blog. I love your Easter ideas. My husband was the finance clerk in the ward before we split and remembers your family “name” such a small world.

  10. Loved seeing your Easter and those eggs were beautiful…everything is beautiful on your blog. I just have to keep from comparing your artwork to my snapshots.
    The painted egg idea blows dyeing them out of the water.

  11. Gorgeous photos. They looked like they were straight from a magazine. LOVE the eggs. We haven’t dyed them for a few years. We are pulling out the paint next year. Thanks for the fun idea!

  12. You asked about Romanian Easter customs I remember – you probably remember “ciocnim” where you both hold hard boiled eggs and one person says “Hristos a-nviat!” and the other person says “Adevarat, a-nviat!” Then you hit your eggs together until you have a WINNER in the group who’s egg didn’t crack in all the contests. Another thing was the midnight mass where everyone took a candle and then candles were lit from person to person until it was very light symbolizing the Holy Spirit or Christ’s spirit. Those are some things I remembered! And there is always cozonac!

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