You know when you think something will NEVER happen, and then you find yourself right smack-dab in the middle of it happening? Well, that happened for me over President’s Day weekend.

Because when at first I heard about this opportunity Lucy’s MCO choir would have to go to California and do a recording of their Christmas performance I thought to myself, “who in the world would do that??”

Now, don’t get me wrong, that Christmas concert was fabulous (back HERE), but I remembered hearing about these people traveling before for things like this recording and thinking to myself who WERE these people?? Who would put in all that travel time and being-gone time for a recording??

Well, apparently I am “those people” because I gave in to Lucy’s begging-with-puppy-dog-eyes and found myself right here after making the long trek with these two sweeties:

And you know what? It turns out that “those people” are the smart ones after all 😉

Dave had a two-day pickle-ball tournament (yep, it’s true, he’s in that thing hook, line and sinker, and is loving it), and Claire was braving zero temperatures in Kansas for her first out-of-town volleyball tournament, so those cute girls and I decided to go on our own little adventure.

And I’m just going to let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

We sure had fun, just the three of us for a day and a half, then here are Lu and her sweetest-ever friends, all giddy to go into that recording studio adventure all together.

Turns out recording for hours on end didn’t turn out to be the most magical thing in the world in Lucy’s eyes…ha! But they came out smiling and so happy and we even happened upon our cul-de-sac neighbors there in the middle of all the hoopla.


That last one is to show the long lines of traffic en route home after their recording didn’t get out until an hour later than they anticipated but we listened to books and talked and got home past midnight but it was such a good little girl-get-away.

So, my moral of the story is that apparently “those people” I thought were so crazy to travel so far for things like this were actually the smart ones.

And I was so glad we found ourselves in the middle of them that weekend!

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  1. i’m curious why you think it’s strange to travel for a choir activity. it’s like any other kids extracurricular – sport, dance etc. Is choir less common in schools where you live?

    As always, love your blog and attitude towards life!

    1. Oh I don’t think it’s strange to travel for a choir activity, I think it’s awesome. I just didn’t see US doing it for this particular activity because 1) it was totally optional, 2) there are thousands of people in the choir and they didn’t necessarily need people to be there, and 3) it was a LONG way to drive for a one-day recording, and 4) I thought Lucy would NEVER want to go (she’s not the hugest fan of long drives or large crowds). So it all just surprised me that it came together! This is all just kind of tongue and cheek too, so as always, take me with a grain of salt 🙂

    1. Me too! I always hated playing volleyball in school and haven’t ever since. 😉

      Hopefully, I may still read this blog after such a confession.

      1. I meant how far she had to travel to play a game of volleyball given her age. I would have thought plenty of teams to play against in AZ, NM, CA, NV, UT…

  2. I was a choir kid through and through. I have two left feet and not a competitive bone in my body for sports. Lucy will have that recording for the rest of her life. Listening to it will bring back as many memories as any travel sport does for a high school athlete. I still wish I had a recording of our all-state choir performance where there were hundreds of kids singing together. I’m so glad Lucy got to be a part of it, after all.

    1. Yes it’s so cool that she’ll be able to listen to that recording her whole life and always know that she made part of that beauty! Makes me (and her) so happy!

  3. I was there as well with a car full of teenagers, plus I sing with the grand chorus so it was a LONG day, but there is something so magical about hearing a recording and knowing you are one tiny part of something so grand and gorgeous. I hope Lucy treasures the final result.

    1. You’re definitely one of the smart ones! 🙂 I know Lucy will treasure it as everyone involved will. Lucky to be part of that whole deal!

  4. Why is Lucy turning so brown? Is everything ok? And she’s been losing weight like crazy. I hope she isn’t on some unhealthy diet.

    1. Lucy’s medication makes her skin darker and also has helped her lose some weight over a period of time. Shawni addressed this in earlier posts

  5. So happy that she got to do this, despite a few other things going on in your life right now! I adore the Anna! Hug her for me!

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