Elle turned nine last week and I still haven’t written anything about the big day. Nor have I written any odes to my incredibly sweet daughter who completely captured my heart from day one. Her birthday fell on a Sunday, which worked out perfect for our birthday party “off” year (none of the kids get them this year…we’re on party overload enough with the stacks of b-day invites that come home in their backpacks so far…ok, I’m exaggerating on the “stacks,” but our calender is definitely plastered with them). So we had a great relaxing day with church and some special family “spa” treatments. We painted finger & toe nails and did facial masks. The kids ate it up…even Max joined in on the masks.
I love that you can see Claire peeking at Elle in the corner of this picture…she idolizes her big sister. Pedicures…We had the cousins over for the traditional cake float that night. I tried to float the cake just on the platter which resulted in a teeny bit soggy bottom layer but that never hurt anybody. I’m going to paste in a poem I wrote about Elle in the spring because it still epitomizes Elle…
Dark brown clear eyes
With a sparkle inherited from her Nana
Large front teeth…still jagged on the bottom from lack of wear
With gaps on each side…a straggling tooth
Coming in sideways on one side
Yet gorgeous
Inside and out
Gracefully moving her sinewy body
To pick up Lucy and perch her on her hip
Squatting down to comfort Claire on her level when she’s sad
Paling around with best bud, big brother Max
Reluctantly enjoying moments with Grace…(they’re at a tough age for getting along…is it competition?)
A nurturer…mom #2
She still calls me “mommy” most of the time
Unaware of how much it melts my heart
So worried about school work…wants it to be perfect
Careful handwriting
Competitive…our most competitive by far
Teenager in the making
Phone talker
Sneaking make-up
In to doing her own hair
Catching a glimpse of her reflection in a window, lip gloss gleaming
A good friend
To countless girls her age
All luckily right in our neighborhood
Trying to be a peacemaker, in the midst of their girl moodiness
Notes on my pillow
Thoughtful prayers
Seedlings of a strong testimony growing, maturing
Trying to be Christ-like
I look at her and I’m so thankful
She’s mine

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  1. I have been in Utah this last week visiting Ella and the rest of the crew. She is cute, isn’t she. I loved hearing about Elle’s bday. I hope she got my message on your phone. I need to get your home phone number. Love you guys,

  2. What a beautiful posting. I loved the idea of writing a poem about your child. I keep track of stories and their cute sayings…I would love to put it all together in a poem. Great idea for a Sunday activity..my kids would love that. I hear you may be joining us in Cozumel? Please try…it will be a great time.

  3. Oh, I was going to tell you how to do the collage. It’s really easy, but you need to have picasa 2 on your computer and then it has a place to click on to make a picture collage with your pictures from the computer. It’s awesome and easy to use.

  4. Briggs…the cake float started with my little sister for something to make her birthday special when we were always at Bear Lake for the big day. Then Elle was born on the same day so we continued on the tradition. It’s wacky but fun. Thanks for the collage tips…I need to be more Picassa savvy.

  5. i stumbled upon your blog thru andrew and elizabeth’s blog – my husband and andrew grew up together. i have to ask – what camera do you use for your pictures – they are all SO GOOD! and what program do you alter them with? i just love looking at all your pictures – you have a beautiful family.

    marlee carlson

  6. Marlee, that’s fun that you guys know Andrew & Elizabeth. Love them. Andrew is so funny and Elizabeth is a dear friend.
    I use a Nikon D200 and I love it so much…I’m a little addicted to it. I use mostly Lightroom to edit my pictures. Have you heard of it? It’s from Adobe and it’s awesome. I use Photoshop for doing collages or anything with lettering, but just for editing I use Lightroom.

  7. I have tears in my eyes after reading that poem. What a perfect tribute. What a beautiful girl, inside and out….takes after her mother!

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