Elle has been keeping up her photography skills by getting a job here and there.2012-06-04 untitled 51488 …which is really lucky for her since she pays for half the clothes she needs…and pays for all for anything extra…and she really likes clothes these days:)2012-06-04 untitled 51527 And it’s also lucky because she gets to practice on pretty cute kids.  2012-06-04 untitled 515312012-06-04 untitled 51483 I’m so thankful for the people who give her business.2012-06-04 untitled 515502012-06-04 untitled 51563This was one of Claire’s best friends.  Claire happened to be there to “help make her smile” so Elle had her get in a shot at the end:2012-06-04 untitled 51632Hmmmm…I think Claire may have missed an introduction to a little beauty called a brush over the summer… Before we left for the summer Elle also did her first shoot with more than two kids (here only other one with more than one was back here).2012-06-29 summer 52906 And I think she did a pretty good job if I do say so myself 🙂2012-06-29 summer 529112012-06-29 summer 529422012-06-29 summer 529522012-06-29 summer 52955 She does all the editing herself and takes all the pictures manually.2012-06-29 summer 529962012-06-29 summer 530092012-06-29 summer 530322012-06-29 summer 530432012-06-29 summer 53047I tried my best to zip my lips and not say a word because I really want this to be her deal. There were a couple shots she took where I thought maybe the light was questionable or that I would have done differently but I stayed as mute as could be.2012-06-29 summer 53063 And when she came home and downloaded them I must say I was pretty impressed.  2012-06-29 summer 530872012-06-29 summer 53091 That girl knows what she’s doing.2012-06-29 summer 531012012-06-29 summer 53121 My personal fav:2012-06-29 summer 531252012-06-29 summer 53191

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  1. I live in Mesa and have a daughter turning 8 the end of sept. I'd love to get photos in her white dress. Is Elle open to photographing for people she doesn't know? If so, how do I get ahold of her? Thanks, Melissa

  2. That's so fantastic! As a photographer, I love to see young ones growing up learning the craft and having a great eye for capturing color and emotion like that. You have some wonderful kiddos.

  3. those are amazing!!! She's doing a great job. As a photographer, myself, I wished I'd taken a some of those! 🙂 You're a great momma for teaching her those skills and teaching her to work!!! And what a great daughter she is for following your example. 🙂

  4. her skills are amazing at such a young age! so much potential. i think it's great that you share this common interest. i hope one day my daughter might show an interest in photography.

  5. Wow, I'm so impressed! Elle, you go girl!:)

    I think I remember you saying that Elle has your old Nikon, is that right? I recently bought a Nikon D3100, and I love it so far. I have even ventured into Manual mode! What kind of lens was Elle using in these kinds of pictures?

  6. I would hire her too for my family photos this fall – just want a few nice shots for the Christmas card. Someone to hold the camera that also happens to know what they are doing!:) If you are ever in OH…let me know!:)

  7. I Love it! I can't tell you enough times how happy I am with how well she captured my kids in these pictures. I have looked at the pictures more times than I can count and love them more and more every time. Thanks again Elle-you truly are amazing!
    Mom of the 4 cute kids 😉

  8. I haven't left a comment yet, as i only found your blog recently 🙂 These photos are insanely good! Elle has such a raw, beautiful talent, it's gobsmacking! I only wish I were closer so she could take photos of my daughter Lola. Australia is a little too far away unfortunately 😉 Thanks for sharing.. I have to go back and have another look now – AMAZING! x

  9. The one where you can only see the legs of the children and the little girl sitting on the ground is my favorite, such a great composition!Elle is really talented, tell her my congratulations please, would you?:-)

  10. Ok, thanks for all the nice comments!

    Some answers to questions:

    She certainly photographs people she doesn't know yet, but prefers younger clients as opposed to those her same age or older…makes it awkward.

    She charges (at least for now) $50 for individual kids and $100 for more than that. She gives people around 30 full-resolution edited photos (probably a few more if there are more kids).

    She uses a Canon Rebel xsi camera with my 50mm 1.4 prime lens. More on that back here: https://71toes.com/2011/12/friday-q-beginner-slr-recommendations.html

    If you're interested in having her photograph your child/children, email us at sepphotography at gmail dot com

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