I wrote about Elle turning the big seventeen back HERE, but here’s what happened on the actual big day.
Early morning traditional birthday breakfast:

(ooooohhh, back when Max was home.  And do you think it’s about time we got some actual kitchen chairs?  I know, I agree.  They are in route as I write and I am SO excited!)

Grace, true to awesome-birthday-celebrator form, decorated the car for the big day.

After school I got to take Elle on a special date for one of her birthday presents:

…which was also a little present for me…
And then we got that cake ready for a little bit of floating.
Floating?  A cake?  You might ask.
But that’s what we do every year.  Elle was born on my sister’s birthday so of course we had to adopt that grand tradition.  (More details on that wacky thing we do back HERE….and I’m sure lots of other places on this blog too.)
Here they are way back when before we headed up to the canyon to float their cakes:

 Love those two sweeties.

We thought for sure our pool would be filled by this time (a long work in progress in the back yard), but it wasn’t, so our neighbors were nice enough to let us use theirs again.

(Oh man, we lucked out in the neighbor category.  I could write 749 posts about that because we sure love them!)

Next year maybe we’ll get more extravagant again…we’ve done some kind of low key cake floats the last few years.  I liked this one where we floated it in the nearby man-made lake:

Oh wait, never mind, that’s when it was so dang hot all the candles melted…


Yes, we’ll take the neighbor’s pool while we can get it…

 Love that Josh was here to share with us too.

Before we ate that yummy thing (I’m trying not to eat sugar right now so it looks really mouthwatering to me at this very moment), we went out to dinner at Elle’s favorite spot:

And came home to find that she had been asked to Homecoming not once, but twice that very night.

Fun times.
Some friends came over to celebrate the end of the day and eat the end of the cake…

…and that’s a wrap.

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  1. Can I ask how you do gifts in your family? I know you've got all sorts of money earning and responsibility systems, so I was wondering if you had something special for birthdays as well. Do siblings have a certain budget for eachother? are the kids good sports about respecting whatever budget you and your husband stick to for their gifts?
    Very interested to hear your way of doing this!

  2. that doesn't even look like saydi! your neighbors backyard is awesome!! do they need a nanny for that cute baby ha because i am a certified professional nanny looking for a job for real

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