Elle’s birthday was over a month ago.  I wrote all about how I feel about the fact that she is now fifteen over HERE.

Here’s what we did on the big day:

Traditional “favorite breakfast” with gifts.

Dave and I stole her out of school for lunch at her all-time-favorite restaurant:  Chick-fil-A.

Yes, we need to do a little training to mature her palate, but she was happy as could be 🙂  We caught camera-shy Dave at a stoplight on the way back to work.
Such nice friends gave her all kinds of nice things throughout the day.  So grateful for her sweet friends.

Elle’s birthday tradition is to float her cake.  (click HERE for why we do that)

We decided to branch out this year and go to a little lake for our floating festivities (the last few years we have just done it in our pool like in this post).  We even branched out enough to let a friend come along to such a solemn ceremony 🙂

We couldn’t get a hold of a floatie device so we emptied out my file box and stuck that cake right in there.

When we started the float we discovered that handy box had tiny holes in it.

Now let me tell you that that water was not the kind of water you’d want to get on a cake you were going to eat.  Nor was it the type of water you’d want to swim out to retrieve a soaked cake in.

 …so we stayed close to shore and got the job done 🙂

I’ll let the candles tell the story of how hot it was.

 Can you just feel the heat?

We enjoyed that beautiful but very hot spot for as long as we could take the heat, then we headed to see a baseball game.

I mean, why not when you have a POGO pass which means passes for a few things, including a couple professional baseball games.

(For more about POGO passes or to get your own, click here.)

Had to stop to laugh at how tall Max is getting…

It’s always good to end a birthday with a box of Krispy Kremes with sweet friends.

Sure love this girl!

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  1. Happy birthday to beautiful Elle!

    For some reason, I thought she was a lot older. I have an almost-15 daughter who is a freshman in high school this year, and Elle seems so much more grown up. Perhaps that's because Elle seems like what I think of as a typical teenage girl, and my daughter – though lovely and smart and mature and hilarious – does not fit that mold in ANY way. I adore her, of course, but there is a bit of grieving over a loss of expectations. Funny how we build up those things in our minds without even knowing it!

  2. So fun to see this since we missed it! Funny cake floating! Just when you thought you'd seen/done everything! Love that beautiful girl. Such great times are in store for her (in addition to the ones she's having now!

    Love ya'll!

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