Not sure what Max is doing in this one.
Can you guess her favorite candy bar? I’m telling you, she’s a girl after my own heart!

Yep, we let her ride to school like this. Pretty loaded up huh? I can’t figure out if she likes her two new pair of sunglasses or her bike better…Grace finally got her birthday bike on the same day Elle got hers. It was about time…these girls were riding bikes with totally flat tires and a pedal missing for a while!

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  1. She is so beautiful Shawni! I love their bikes! I want one!
    Looks like she has had a great birthday so far.
    I always love your little birthday kiss picture with all your kids. Such a great tradition!

  2. i saw her riding to school that day and she put a huge smile on my face. She is seriously your twin Shawni! Not only in looks but her whole personality and love for life. Love that cute girl!

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