Elle’s friend made her this hat with her own two hands:

And she LOVES it.

She wears it whenever we let her get away with it.

I mean, it’s a good thing she has it because it’s been getting down to like 63 degrees lately when the kids ride their bikes to school.

Oh man I love this girl.

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  1. hey shawni
    you’ve just been on my mind today..praying everything is okay with your kiddies! i ‘ve been in the hospital with Victoria (sarah’s twin) for the past week and so i was just trying to catch up.
    how is little lu doing?

  2. Did you just Brr… about 63 degrees?!? Honestly! 😉 lol… it was about 61 in Maryland today so we grabbed our zipper hoodies and RAN to the park with everyone else in our whole city (it seemed!) It was gorgeous out! Now, as an AZ girl (born/raised/college) I would have laughed at my current self calling low 60’s gorgeous, but I swear- it was!

  3. That looks like a “Knifty Knitter” (made by Provo Craft and found at any craft store) hat! My kids love that gadget and the end result looks so professional even though the process is so easy. However, we probably have more need for knitted items in Boston than you do in Arizona! 63 degrees sounds like HEAVEN to me!

  4. Any chance of a response on a couple of questions? It’s a long shot, but if you have time for that sort of thing amongst mommying all these gorgeous kids and running this amazing photog business… I’m wondering about your tools. What camera you use? What lens primarily? I’m going to guess a 50mm portrait? What actions or post processing do you do? All your own? Different on each? Do you have some staples that aren’t secrets?? 🙂 You have such a beautiful family and a wonderful talent. Love your blog.

    lilllie_biesinger@yahoo.com (just in case. :))

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