All three of our oldest kids asked for long boards for Christmas.  
Because they were good children, Santa was good to them.  
I must admit I was a little confused though.  I mean, seriously, in my mind I was thinking what does a 13-year-old girl want with a long board?  But she sure wanted it and was pleased as punch to find it under the Christmas tree.
Fast forward to a couple months ago, when the weather was still nice and we took a family walk/bike ride.  
Elle grabbed her long board.  
I didn’t deter her because I figured we’d be slow anyway with our group.  She’d be able to keep up ok.
But wowzers, I didn’t realize we’d be the ones trying to keep up with her.  That girl knows how to ride that thing.  
She has, after all, ridden it to and from school practically every day since Christmas.  
I just didn’t realize how good she was.  
I wish I
had a picture of her form: the way she straightens out that front leg
to a ninety-degree angle to her body to give it power and then hauls through
that push to get her going. 
Yeah, I need to get out more.

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  1. She is a beautiful girl…so PLEASE put on a helmet! My 14 yr old nephew was in the hospital for 2 days with a concussion from riding his long board and he WAS wearing a helmet!!

  2. Another worry wart mom here. My friend from highschool was playing around on his kids skateboard and wasn't wearing a helmet. He fell and hit his head and died. Another one of my friends, friends just off his mission, hit his head skateboarding and was in critical condition and in a coma for awhile. These are grown men. Anyway I'm just cautioning you, I know that helmets arent fashionable, but they keep you safer! She is a beautiful girl!

  3. Another push for helmets:))) I'm Canadian – so maybe it's not a big push in the States – but you rarely find kids riding bikes, or skateboarding/long boarding without a helmet here anymore – for good reason. I'm an SLP and work almost exclusively with head injury – so I'm a bit paranoid with my own kids but it takes one second for a life to change! Be a crusader in your neighborhood – stay safe with helmets!!!

  4. Maybe you should re-title this Elle's Long Legs! That girl has legs made for tennis! So cute. Tell her to bring it Bear Lake and show us her stuff on the road. I just bought helmets today at Costco. We're on our way to get a paddle board. Bet she'll be great at that too!

  5. Helmet Nonny (Nazi) here…PLEASE have that gorgeous girl of yours wear one. I know of critical head injuries from teens and long boards. Otherwise, I LOVE that your beautiful, feminine girl is a sports enthusiast too! She is the WHOLE package!

  6. These photos, and some of the comments, made me think about body image. Such a loaded topic especially for growing ( in all sorts Of ways) girls. As a mom of girls with very different body types how do you adress this super tricky, and super important, topic?

  7. where do you get Elle's clothes? my daughter is her age and always looks at your blog and tells me how much she loves Elle's clothes!:)

  8. i totally want a long board. any recommendations on brands? how much do they run? my mom and husband think they are dangerous… any advice to subside their fears? thanks for any help. i think you are GREAT!

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