I am posting this very late, but I want to have these pics. somewhere to remember Elle’s senior trip way back when.
I can’t believe all these girls were just here, in and out of this house so often, and now they are spread so far and wide.  Two on missions.  Life just keeps moving and I just still try to keep holding on to it!
So I’m posting this back where it actually happened to keep track of.
Right after that final bell rang for these seniors, they loaded in the car and headed to California.

Yes, we let them go.

We even let them take our big car.

Which they were very responsible with…and which we said lots of prayers for safety about.

Look at them up there, they even brought their own food to stay cost effective and healthy.


Here are the pictures Elle sent to commemorate the big event:

 A bunch of their guy-friends were staying at a place not to far from where the girls were.

They were pretty excited about this stop on the way home.

Future self, remember Elle has a ton more pictures where these came from.

Just want to have that recorded.

And that’s a wrap.

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