A very kind reader named Brittney sent us some swimsuits from her company called “Essential Swimwear” which we thought was very nice of her. Especially since they are really cute suits. Sometimes I have a hard time finding suits for my girls.  I love the ease of tankinis but man alive it’s hard to find ones that fit right.  So I’m extra grateful for such a kind gift.  She sent one for me and one for Claire. And I’ll let the pictures tell how excited that girl was about her cute new chevron suit:2013-06-19 summer 792902013-06-19 summer 792962013-06-19 summer 79299 Yeah, she likes it.2013-06-19 summer 79300I think she also likes the fact that I have only made her do her hair like two times this summer.  Not really but kind of a true fact. But once again, I digress. Back to that cute suit. And the give-away I get to do so readers can have the chance for their own cute suits like this one (they have great ones for adults and kids). I get to give away a $100 shopping spree for the winner to shop to their little hearts’ content over on the Essential Swimwear site. Once again, there are three ways to enter to win.  One is just to leave a comment.  The second option is to go to their web site and come back here to leave your favorite suit selection in the comments.  And the third is to go “like” Essential Swimwear on Facebook (here) and come back here to let us know. So go check out all the cute stuff they have over here at Essential Swimwear and I’ll announce the lucky winner on Friday. Love, Shawni


  1. Love the suit and absolutely love reading your blog! I love how much you make motherhood your first priority and sharing your testimony with the world by the way you live. Thank you!


  2. Liked on FB: Check

    My favorite suit from their website if the neon coral convertible swim top, although I love the navy blue also w/ matching bottoms: check

    Did you notice they have board shorts on sale for $9.00? Seriously! Only $9.00. You can't beat that. check

  3. I love the charcoal chevron one piece for me and I think I would get the matching charcoal chevron tankini for my 6 year old daughter. How cute would we be at the pool?!?!

  4. Oooo I could really use one of these! Living in Illinois it is soooo hard to find cute, modest swimsuits. I especially would love one of those Artic Ruffle tops. I will def be liking these guys on Facebook! Thanks for the introduction to them and fingers are crossed for the giveaway!

  5. ok i went to their site and loved everything but especially the rouge ruffled swim skirt and for kids the charcoal chevron suit. adorable.

  6. I need a new swimsuit SO BAD, I've been looking for a good one and also trying to afford one… 🙁 I love the Neon Coral convertible tankini

  7. I love the lipstick red convertible tankini with the black or navy swim skirt. So cute!!!!!

    Also liked on Facebook 🙂

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. I love reading your blog and your example of putting important things first. I would love to win one of the adorable swimsuits. My favorite was the lipstick red convertible top with a cute swim skirt bottom. I also liked essential swimwear on facebook. (I wasn't sure if you get multiple entries for doing all 3?)

  9. I have been looking for a new swimsuit all season and have not found one yet! I would love to be the lucky winner of your sweet giveaway! Thank you!

    Kaitlyn Rowley

  10. I would LOVE a new swimsuit! My husband and I and my in-laws are taking a trip to Bear Lake in a few weeks and a new suit would be perfect!

  11. I went onto their website and would absolutely love to purchase the Charcoal Chevron Retro One Piece! It is gorgeous! And would definitely get my daughter the matching Charcoal Chevron Girls Flutter Tankini! They are beautiful!

    Kaitlyn Rowley

  12. I really like the 2 chevron tankinis for my daughters. I have had a hard time finding cute 2-piece (easier change diapers and to take potty training toddlers to the bathroom wearing a 2 piece) swimsuits for my 7 and under girls that are age appropriate in what they cover up.

  13. How did I not know this company existed?! I've had the hardest time finding a cute, modest swimsuit. My favorite suit is the aqua chevron one piece!

  14. I really need a cute swimsuit…though i dread finding one…oh the dressing room anxiety…not to mention wearing one out in public. Thanks for the giveaway and giving me a chance to enjoy hunting down a beautiful suit and receive it as a gift. GOD BLESS!

  15. Those swim suits are so cute! I was hoping that you could answer my question in Fridays q&a! My daughter is elles exact age and she isn't handling makeup very well I saw that Elle had been allowed to wear makeup when she was 12 and it always looks very natural.could you please tell me what makeup Elle wears like could you show me what brand all of the stuff that she wears is?? Thank you.

  16. In desperate need of updating my "Mom-suit!"
    I "liked" the FB page and decided to pair the Ocean Ruffled Halter top with the Lipstick Red basic bottoms. For the sale prices though, I think I'll get a few different colors and mix and match!

  17. need a new suit soooo bad! So does my 5 foot 8 in. 12 year old. SO hard to shop for her. Forget her and her skinny self she can run in the sprinklers in the back yard in last years too small suit! Mama has been in the same suit for too many years and it is too small for all the wrong reasons! 🙂 LOVE your blog!

  18. I absolutely love the ruffle swim top for ladies (in any color!) and the chevron suit for girls. 🙂 So cute!! I have been having a hard time finding suits for my picky girls who like 1 pieces and more coverage than less, so these would be perfect! 🙂

  19. I'm going to Hawaii for the first time in August. The trip is so expensive that I am not planning on buying a new suit. But… it sure would be nice to have a new swimsuit for such a fun trip!

  20. I juSt went swim suit shopping last night with my husband. Total failure, I laughed out loud at most of them. But it's not really funny so I'd love a chance to win and feel happy and confident I vacation!!

  21. I own three bathing suits; one is from my honeymoon 8 years ago and the other two are both pre baby bathing suits (I now have two kids). I sure would love something new!! 🙂

  22. I liked Essential Swimwear's facebook page…and I might have a tie between the suit I said first and those chevron one pieces!

  23. My favorite swimsuit is either the Gray Charcoal Chevron or the Daffodil yellow polka dot swim suit for little girls. My 5 year old girl would look adorable!

  24. I would love to win a swimming suit! Then I wouldn't have a reason to tell my kids I can't take them swimming. 🙂 They might kiss your face in joy. Or not. I'm the expressive one around here.

  25. We would love to get a few new swimsuits! We live in our suits here in FL! Thanks!
    My girls love the Aqua Chevron Little girls suit!!

  26. The Black Scribbles top is cute. I also really like some of the girl suits for my daughter. She'd look adorable in the turquoise chevron suit!

  27. Got a great suit for my very tall 16 year old daughter on your last recommendation. Would love more for my other daughters. Already liked on facebook. Thanks for the chance!

  28. My 10 yr old has been begging for a tankini but I've been reluctant because I don't want her tummy showing between the top a bottom. These look long enough that we'd probably both be happy. Love the aqua chevron and with $100 I'd also order the daffodil colored one for her younger toe-headed sister- the color would be adorable on her!

  29. I am kind of loving those one piece suits. I usually go for the tankini and if I were I would do the neon coral suit. I also love the girls suits.

  30. Boy howdy do I need a new suit. This would definitely help me get myself one. I never want to shop for one, but using a gift card would help.

  31. My favorite is the jungle sweetheart top! Super cute and definitely nice that its not so skimpy that I'd worry about the waves pulling it off!

  32. My 17 year old would kill for the Raven Retro one-piece. She loves retro clothing and was pretty disappointed to realize the last retro suit she purchased showed too much of her bust once it got wet.

  33. Oh man do I need a new swimsuit. I'm in that stage after having a baby and trying to lose the weight, and about to have another baby so I have NO motivation to look cute…I think that's nothing a little shopping couldn't help. 😉 CUTE suit! Claire is so beautiful!

  34. I am pregnant and need to get a new swim suit because my old ones don´t fit at the moment… I like the Neon Coral Convertible Tankini Top 🙂

  35. I love the following items:
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  36. My precious daughter, who happens to be turning 12 this Friday (July 12th!), has recovered from an eating disorder this year. I would love to gift her with a new swimsuit on her birthday to celebrate her new, HEALTHY body :))

    I am so proud to be her Momma.

  37. Liked on FB
    Favorite suit is the Lipstick Red Convertible Tankini Top.

    And you know I love your blog and have been following you since the beginning and just have loved watching you and your family grow.

  38. I like the Charcoal Chevron Retro one piece for me 🙂 but all of them are very cute . Thanks for sharing the website and thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  39. I would love a new suit for my wife since she hasn't bought a new one in a few years. I think she using her maternity one to get more use out of it!

  40. I live in the uk so if I win I'd like to donate the prize to a deserving mum, someone who maybe has financial struggles, sick family member etc x

  41. Thanks for doing this giveaway! I had never heard of Essential Swimwear and now I'm glad I have. I've worn my favorite suit ragged and I'm looking for something new.

  42. I love love love reading your blog. I seriously need to buy your and your mom's book once I have kids. I look forward to reading your uplifting words or wisdom with every post!

  43. My goal this summer was to do more workouts and I've found a great class in the pool!! Just love it..a new suit would sure be great for class!

    Thanks for sharing the love!

  44. Thank you for this giveaway opportunity! Modest swimwear (let alone lovely modest swimwear!) is so hard to come by, so I don't even have a swimsuit & need one of these pronto!

  45. Those swimsuits are super ADORABLE!!! I would love to be the future owner of the jet black ruffle tankini top, paired with the black swim skirt! And I believe I was the 8,557th "LIKE" on their Facebook page.
    Thank you for the fun giveaway! I hope to be excited like Claire, over my new Essential Swimwear freebie! 🙂

  46. treeI would choose the lovely turquoise blue swim top (and now I can't remember what it's called!). It's a gorgeous color, and they're not as expensive as other online swimsuit stores are! Yay!

  47. I haven't seen the winner posted yet so I hope this is still open?? I am desperate for a new suit! Pretty please!! 🙂 ~Sarah (signed in on hubby's acct)

  48. I also "like"d them on Facebook! Thanks again for hosting this great giveaway!!! And since my husband is signed in, my email address is sarah.smiles.88 at gmail. Thanks!!! 🙂

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