Please disregard this post if you are sick of hearing about MFME, but I’m determined to record my thoughts and feelings before they start to fade.  Otherwise I’ll kick myself later because man, I want to remember this stuff!  I’m almost done, just Austria and some funny Oktoberfest stuff next to wrap it up.

But today let’s talk about Bavaria and the Romantic Road.  Because it’s so beautiful I have stars in my eyes about taking my family back there some day.
After all the beauty of Neuschwanstein (back HERE), we stayed on the “Romantic Road” for a day (some day I’ll stay on that thing a lot longer…).  We stayed in Oberammergau  which, just like Switzerland, didn’t disappoint with the continual flowers spilling out of windows everywhere you looked.
Complimenting the flowers were all kinds of murals painted right on the houses:
Oh, and more flowers 🙂

We slept, and walked the town in the morning, heading to the white church in the middle which was gorgeous Rococo style.

From the outside not so fancy…just beautiful.

 With gorgeous things surrounding it.

 Then on the inside, yowzas!

So much going on.

My sister-in-law commented about how as each artist painted and created in there, how their hearts must have knit with God as they tried to show their reverence through their work.

 Every angle and nook and cranny was filled with details.

We did a little shopping there and then headed to a town called Mittenwald, which is on the Northern foothills of the Alps and is famous for making fine stringed instruments.
Quite appropriate to visit that spot with our mother who is a violin artist and musician in so many ways.
We took in the beauty of the town…

Marveled at the perfect stacks of wood ready for winter stacked next to each house…

Tried to find the best little spots to see…

And visited the violin-making museum.

 Which was quite amazing.

Love that mother of mine forever for so many things, but a little extra that day for planting seeds in us at young ages to adore stringed music.

I’m putting this picture in to remind me how we looked maneuvering around.  Love that Kristi is carrying Julie’s backpack, Julie is carrying the baby, Saren is telling us interesting facts, my mother and Saydi are calmly going with the flow…just love it all.

There was a single chair lift up the mountain.
So of course we figured we better take it.

 It was filled with some time to think in solitude and enjoy the beauty on the way up:

…to the tune of hundreds of chiming sheep bells ringing melodically all round us.

On that single chair lift I got the opportunity to call my sweet Lucy for her birthday which was that very day.  Long dramatic story that I won’t go into detail about about how sad I was to miss that thing, and more about her birthday soon, but this was a pretty good celebration: her who I could almost see glowing through my phone after opening her early-morning presents and her own melodic laugh when I told her the sheep were celebrating her birthday with me on that gorgeous afternoon in Germany ringing all their bells with all their might to celebrate such a great girl.

We had lunch at the top…they were out of everything except potato salad and “goulash” but man it was tasty.

Part 6 in Salzburg HERE.

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  1. These photos are absolutely breathtaking. Thank you so much for sharing them with us! This makes me so excited to see these places with my own eyes someday. 🙂 P.S. Do you ever sell your travel prints? Like if I wanted to print a few to hang on my wall?

  2. I still cannot believe that baby went all over with you! My youngest is 1 and I carry him a lot in a similar carrier and that is a lot of work! Impressive! 🙂

  3. I live in Bavaria- am stationed here with the army. And I'm telling you! The cuteness never gets old, and it's everywhere! Is it like a law to have gorgeous flowers spilling out of all windows? Idk but I sure do love it! You got some great pictures. And we just did the very same trip…neuschwanstein and white church. So fun 🙂 we wanted to do the chair lift too but had our two little kiddos with us.

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