I have had a few questions like this lately about what my workout routine is and about macros:

I have a question … in this post you mention working out, it seems in an earlier post you mentioned counting macros. Any chance of doing a post on your fitness/eating routine?

I figure now is as good a time as ever to answer because today I’m starting macros again.  

I’m ready to get serious again after taking a little Fall Break hiatus.

I love macros because it makes sense to me.  Your body needs a certain amount of protein, carbs and fat to function well and stay healthy.  So you count them up and you try to get as close to your goal as you can.  And it helps you balance out food in what I feel is a really healthy way.

Now, the numbers are the tricky part.  I think there are all kinds of ways to calculate what your body needs in those three categories.  And it changes according to whether you want to lose weight, maintain, get ready for a major athletic event, etc.  But my sister-in-law is an awesome coach and she knows her stuff so I’m grateful for her know-how to give us numbers as we figure this out (her Instagram is HERE, and she sure knows her stuff).

I love macros because it has helped Dave and I learn a lot about food.  What kinds of fuel we are putting into our bodies.  And when parents know these things, they can help their kids.  Which I feel is so important in a world filled up to the brim with “fast food” and processed junk abounding.  When you compare the majority of what our American society eats compared to the rest of the world it is not good.  We thrive on huge amounts of food and drinks and sugar and I really do worry about the future.  

I also love macros because if you have a bad eating day, or start sliding off of what numbers you are aiming for, to me it seems like an easy thing to get back in the saddle.

I hate macros though because I feel like I’m on my phone too much trying to log everything in.  

But I’m trying to overcome that hate.  I think I’ve been doing this long enough that it’s getting easier, and I can gauge things pretty well which streamlines the time I have to spend on “myfitnesspal.” (an app on your phone that helps you track your numbers).  

There was a month or so that I didn’t track, I knew things so well that I started being able to kind of feel how well I was doing, eyeball amounts, etc….but then I took a break and am trying to get back on track.  I love it because I can still work some cookie dough into my day if I’m dying for it, but it feels so good to fuel with more whole foods that work for your body and I can choose the ones that make the most sense to me.

There were some great macro-friendly ideas shared in the comments of a post I did a while back (HERE…thank you!), and since then I’ve found some additional great resources including following another instagram lady who is HERE and shares some really great recipes.

As far as exercise goes, I love this bootcamp class I go to.  I usually go four times per week and it’s 45 minutes of this guy listing all the stuff we have to do and us sweating our hearts out to get it done.  And then I’m DONE for the day and it feels so good!  I love it because the same class is taught for four hours each morning so I can pick and chose what time works for my day.  Right now in my life I just love having someone tell me what to do, and then I do it, and then I’m done for the day.  I am not a fitness fanatic by any means, but I just want to stay healthy.  I want to be like those hiking ladies and couples I run into all the time who are in their 70s and even 80s who are smiling and hiking and loving life out in the great beautiful outdoors.  I want to be outside as much as I can.  I want to get down on the floor with my grandkids some day and lift and carry those around me.

I feel like we have stewardship over these bodies God has given us and I want to do it well.

So I try, and fail, and try again, but I keep trying.  And I think that makes the difference.  Healthy eating and an active lifestyle is rubbing off (sometimes very gradually) on my children which is part of the goal as well.  We’ve got exercise and veggie intake as part of our job charts these days, and I hope it will always be a part of life.

Please send any new great healthy lifestyle, healthy eating, macros, exercise ideas my way.  There are so many great ideas out there!


  1. Hi,
    I am a mom and strive to be very active and health conscious and want the same for my kids.
    Sometimes however I feel like the over emphasis on food can be detrimental especially to children and teenagers. I grew up with a big focus on it and when I became a teenager I developed an eating disorder. It was a big struggle for me for years and took many years for me to develop a healthy relationship with food and exercise.
    It is not easy when some family members seems to have easier time with the whole weight thing in general. I only bring this up as I know for me as a child constantly logging in food into a program would have made my disorder even worse.
    I am all for healthy eating and exercise and I don't even know myself the best way to help my kids but I hope that by my example it will do some good. I feel now moderation in all things is good.

    1. Thank you for sharing these thoughts and your experience, Allison, very good points. I think the comparison trap is even worse with social media. It's so tough to find a balance in all things…especially food, and especially when we are bombarded with so much junk in our society. I went to Lucy's class party for Halloween a couple days ago and the table was piled with huge cupcakes, cookies and candy…as was Lucy's plate. It's just part of life. But if we all eat like that our society has a big problem (and BBS kids even more). Dave and I have found that doing macros seems to be a pretty good balance. Without pushing it on our kids, they are aware we are making better food choices and have become more interested in making good food choices themselves. I'm hoping it continues to rub off on them. And I'm hoping it will help all of us gain that healthy relationship with food that you're talking about. That's not to say that junk food isn't appropriate now and then, but man, it's sure a big concern of mine these days.

    2. I am living in Germany right now and a table like that would not be allowed. No sugar in the school. Not even for birthdays. We were told if we wanted to bring something to celebrate our child's birthday than it had to be fruit, a whold grain, or vegetables and were given an exaple of fruit kabobs. At first I thought it was pretty rigid, but no it makes total sense as our children really do have an over exposure to sugar. In our parents generation a treat was just that and today it is three times a day.

    3. I totally agree with you Shawni! I too feel it is so overdone in schools and everywhere with the junk. And I am a big proponent of healthy eating.

      I also have huge concerns with social media. I have noticed almost all comments kids post in response to pictures on instagram or other sites is about how cute or beautiful or gorgeous or hot the person is. That really concerns me that young girls tie so much self esteem to looks and how they are being perceived outwardly. I don't know the answers but I just know that a healthy lifestyle is important for just that….being strong and healthy. It isn't about being a size 2 or looking hot or achieving a body like someone else. That is what I think is challenging to convey to our youth.

    4. Guilty Teacher here…. I teach high school freshmen. It's a good reminder how frustrating it is that teachers are giving students pure junk. I would love any suggestions on what I could use to encourage class participation besides a treat. Sometimes if I ask a question and no one raises their hand I pull out those little tootsie frooties. As soon as I do 20 hands shoot up excited to answer my question. They cost me less than a penny a piece and save my lesson.

    5. Hey Kris, I think little things like tootsie frooties are an awesome way to encourage kids…such a tiny amount of sugar. I just think there are a lot of the bigger things we could go without and kids could be so much healthier.

  2. I love this Shawni! My husband and I have jumped on the macros bandwagon too, and these encouraging words have given me the boost I needed today. Thank you! 🙂
    My parents always showed joy in eating healthy and it had a positive impact on me.

  3. May I respectfully offer a constructive criticism about a grammatical error you often make? It concerns pronouns. The indirect object of a verb is in the objective case. Objective pronouns are the following: me, him, her, us, them.
    The sentence "I love macros because it has helped Dave and I learn a lot about food" should read "…it has helped Dave and ME learn a lot about food." An easy check is to make the object of the verb singular – eliminating "Dave." You wouldn't say "…it has helped "I" learn a lot about food." You are not alone; as so many bloggers get this wrong; but it makes us English Language purists nuts!
    Your blog content is interesting and informative and your photographs are excellent. Thank you for taking my comment.
    All the best,
    Jane, a reader from North Carolina

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