First of all, thank you for all the love yesterday. I am still working on replying to all that comfort and buoying goodness in the comments, I am so grateful for this beautiful community in this corner of the internet. There is something so comforting about being “linked” to other mothers, many who are facing their own “tears” of “becoming” in such a myriad of different ways. Thank you, thank you, and sending love right back.

It was a tough weekend last weekend but there is so much goodness going on alongside the worry. I don’t know if I mentioned this before, but in looking for things that Lucy could excel at with the limitations she has, I felt a little nudge to look into the choir called MCO that Grace and Claire were part of a few years back. And I’m so grateful for nudges because when I asked if that would be something she would like to do she jumped on board. And she adores it. It is just right down her alley with singing filled with worship, she loves music so much and was really hoping for more “lessons” (all her friends are doing soccer, babysitting, dance…you name it, and she needed another “thing” to be her “thing”). This has been such a good fit. They are super strict and expect excellence and that is right down Lucy’s alley too. (I wish more of the world expected excellence like that, seems so old-fashioned these days and that’s too bad.)

At first Lucy was worried about being able to read the music (way too small for her eyes) so my friend down there in the picture on the left (who works with the organization) helped enlarge it for her (Michelle is the BEST!). But when Lucy saw those huge sheets of music, tears started rolling down her cheeks. Michelle assured her she would, of course, cut them down and she would still fit right in, but when it came right down to it Lucy decided she’d rather figure out a way to manage it for herself through her supersonic listening skills.

And do you know what? I think she’s doing it just fine. When I went in with her one day she had the sweetest little friends right by her side, helping her feel so confident. Makes my heart want to burst. She sings little melodies from the songs she is learning all day long. It is a happy fit for this girl.

Her Christmas performance is coming up and she is so excited. We tried Grace’s old performance dress on her and stood back to admire how it fit her so beautifully. She is growing up so much.

So grateful for things like this that help boost confidence and expand capacities.

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  1. Sounds like you and Lucy are figuring this out. Most of my students with visual impairments often sing without the music. I’ve asked choir directors to share audio recordings or the songs being performed and then I braille the lyrics as a backup. Of course one could also use the iPad to include the music or lyrics, and this allows the student to determine the size of the print. Music directors can also record individual vocal parts for the student to listen to and practice during the week. Lucy looks beautiful in her dress!

  2. Lucy is so beautiful!!!
    I understand Lucy doesn’t want to be defined by her disability/syndrome. My cousin is blind and went fully blind at age 19… I think I shared with you a long time ago about her. She now is married, has lived in Washington State, Hawaii, and Utah, and has 8 beautiful children!! I was her reader at BYU in Provo 25 years ago!! She’s incredible. I’d love to have Lucy meet her and Becky to give her encouragement, hope, mentoring, and resources. She’s got true vision beyond sight. Feel free to email me and I’d love to see if we could get the two of them together sometime when you are next in Utah!!

  3. Lucy, you look so lovely and grown up in that dress! Singing is something to enjoy for your whole life! I just joined Incanta women’s ensemble with your aunt Saydi and it brings me a lot of joy.

  4. I volunteered the other week because my son is also in there and I could see Lucy most of the time. I could tell she was singing her heart out- really getting into the music.

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