It just so happens that each time our family gets to go skiing it is SO sunny and nice. And I thank my lucky stars about that.

Because I distinctly remember my last day skiing as a teenager. It was not pretty. It was snowing and I was freezing and it felt like my toes just may fall off my feet because they were frozen solid. I was supposed to like skiing…I lived in Utah for crying out loud! But for whatever reason it was always ice-cold when I happened to hit the slopes. And I had an epiphany right then and there…I would give up paying money to freeze my tail off. I said goodbye to that cold sport and never looked back.

…Until a few years ago when Dave’s whole family gathered for Spring Break at some super amazing place they had arranged to stay at for a steal, and everyone went skiing. That was when I decided skiing wasn’t so bad after all. It was sunny and beautiful each day. Dave’s Dad is an expert skiier (as are his children) and everyone helped our kids learn to ski. And Dave, as good as he is at skiing, hung out with me and showed me the ropes again.

So now skiing is what we seem to do over Spring Break each year. And let me tell you, Spring Break is one heck of a time to ski in Utah if you’re a “fair-weather skier” like I am.

Here are the kids all ready to go:(Lucy got to hang with different people in my family each day. Thanks guys!!)

We put Grace & Claire in ski school the first day. They had an awesome teacher. Grace was voted “a pleasure to be around,” and Claire was voted “most improved skier” (since she just cried at first and could hardly stand up despite doing great last year).
But she ended up speeding down the hills with her arms stretched out to catch the breeze by the end of the next day.

Max tried snowboarding for the first time this year. He took a class the first day with some of his friends. He LOVED it (and sadly I scarcely saw him so I have only a couple pictures to show for it):
Elle was set to just head out on her own with these cute girls:
We were on this trip along with a bunch of friends. It was so fun hanging with them, but boy howdy was it ever an ordeal to get us all to the top of the mountain together! Once we were finally there (around lunch time) it was pretty smooth-sailing.

Elle was especially excited to run into one of her best friends on the slopes at the end of the second day:
(This family was the one who saved my family’s hides on the way up through the snowstorm with their 4-wheel-drive and chains…thanks SO much guys!!)

Poor Max hurt his wrist pretty bad at the end of the second day and had to call it quits but Dave and I got to hang out with just our girls for the whole afternoon. My heart swelled up as I held back a little and watched them ski along like little ducks after Dave who was trying to teach them the beauty of keeping their skis more parallel and how to get down steep slopes without freaking out and bawling. They kinda got it.

I love watching Dave ski. He’s a beauty-skier.
I finally graduated from the green hills I skied on all last year with Claire between my legs in a huge snow plow. I love skiing with Dave.(It was fun…don’t let Dave’s serious face fool you.) Hmmm…I still don’t have much of a skier’s stance…

But as nice as Dave was to hang with us a bunch, his heart still belonged to the black diamond runs and so I mostly got Grace for my partner (is it bad that in my heart I was kind of happy there were no other kids in our group her age? I like being with that spunky girl). We had such a fun time exploring the mountain together.
Yeah, when the weather’s like this skiing is pretty darn fun.
We can’t wait ’til next year.

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  1. What fabulous family time together! As always, I loved your pictures! Here in NC, I can't begin to imagine that much snow this time of year!!

    When will you introduce Lucy to the slopes?

  2. I'm with ya there! I became a fair weather skier after YEARS of paying to freeze. It was beautiful weather in Utah this past week…of course, I left and went to Phoenix during that time (however it was FABULOUS weather in the beautiful Southwest). So glad you had a great time. You could have just shown pictures of your kids beautiful faces and that would have said it all! They are so adorable with those HUGE smiles:]

  3. It was such a fun time! It went way to fast! We loved being with you! You guys are great friends and I love all of your sweet adorable kids!

  4. Shawns: I am such a fair weather skier too. When the sun is out and the sky is blue and it's WARM – there is nothing better than hitting the slopes.

    So sad I missed you while you were here. Of all weekends to go to St. George!! Oh well – next time. Hope you guys had a great lunch. Love you!

  5. My goodness Shawni. Our families continue to be SO similar, right down to our husbands being the experts…

    We just spent March Break skiing with our kids. Our girls were looking at your kids skiing pictures on your blog–I think they would have so much fun together if we lived closer!

    So glad you could have that fun together. Maybe we could go to Utah to ski sometime. Pete's kind of addicted to trying new places.

  6. What a fun spring break…my husband has tried so many times to get me to like the sloped but I just don't! I wish I did because I live with a bunch of snowboard lovers! You guys look cute and what great weather…how fun to go with the Barney's too!

  7. Shawni, great pics of your family & the super fun skiing! You did an awesome job on the photos~it's not easy skiing with a big camera! We ski (in little Ohio) as a family & I just think it is a super sport for the all of us! We used to bring a pack-n-play for my youngest. Now she is my ski buddy (@ 7 years old) but will be skiing without me next year. Just want to mention that it is well worth the $ to make sure that you all wear helmets (maybe you weren't wearing them for the photos). Even if it is just to protect you from someone running into you in a lift line. Also, if my kids snowboard, the always wear the gloves that have the wrist guards~hope Max is ok! Not telling you what to do, just suggesting a few safety things we have found helpful over the years, as skiing has changed a lot! My blog has a few entries of our ski adventures in February (Carnival Weekend & Praying on a Snow Day) Take care & enjoy the sunshine!

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