We went to Disneyworld for Fall Break. I know, it was almost a month ago, but man alive, sometimes I can’t keep up.
There really is a reason it’s called “the Happiest place on earth.”

More later.

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  1. Okay… Going out on a limb here…feeling a little silly asking…. but…WHAT is Fall Break? I read so many blogs that talk about it, and up here in the Pacific NW, there is no such wonderful thing as…Fall Break. It sounds like yours was divine!

  2. I'm in the Pacific NW as well, and my guess is AZ needs fall break just like we need our "winter" and "mid-winter" breaks. Basically, you get the breaks when your locale is having its bad weather (too hot, too rainy). Jan-April is pretty darn rainy up here. Oh, who am I kidding–Jan thru June!

  3. We don't have fall break either. And I agree..why so few pictures?? I love looking at your photos..so not like you to only post 3!! Hope it was a fun trip!

  4. Fall Break is just a week we have off in October. We get a week off in March too for Spring Break. And two weeks for Christmas. My theory is that they are trying to pull the wool over our eyes and sneak us into a "year-round" schedule which I DON'T want. I love summer. Still, we'll take the breaks when we get them!

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