This summer I have been combatting a hole in my heart.  It’s a little hole of worry about missing a child and how we have such limited time together before Max starts the trend of graduating from high school and things change. I don’t like to think about it, because oh how I love to have us all under one roof.  I worry that little hole in my heart that hurts a little when Max has been gone working and playing volleyball this summer will painfully gape open when he graduates in less than two years. TWO years! A little thing I’ve noticed: two years is not a long time when it comes to growing children. So as much as we adore all those great families we get to spend time with in California, sometimes Dave and I get greedy for a little solitude family time. We stayed a day after everyone else left.2013-07-06 Coronado 80831[3] We hung on the beach.2013-07-06 iPhone 82857 Max carried Claire around since it was the least he could do after breaking her toe.2013-07-06 iPhone 82851 We borrowed bikes from some very sweet friends who live in Coronado in the summer and rode across to the other side of the island.2013-07-06 iPhone 82860 2013-07-07 iPhone 82887 It was such a gorgeous, picturesque ride.2013-07-06 iPhone 82861 Lu doesn’t look too sure about that but luckily she had Rainbow Dash to keep her company. 2013-07-06 iPhone 82863 Our view as we waited for dinner:2013-07-06 Coronado 80841
2013-07-06 Coronado 80836[3] 2013-07-06 Coronado 80837 Lu listened to the ocean in the shells for sale.2013-07-06 Coronado 808392013-07-06 Coronado 80850 We had a ginormous pizza for dinner and then watched fireworks from across the bay.2013-07-06 Coronado 80893 And then we rode home, tired and happy.2013-07-06 Coronado 80918 The next day we visited the San Diego temple.2013-07-07 Coronado 80928 2013-07-07 Coronado 80929 There’s this quote that I love:  “If you let your children touch the temple it will touch them.”  2013-07-07 Coronado 80923 Love that.2013-07-07 Coronado 80937 We met up with an awesome family visiting from Norway.  Lucy made quick friends with their Lucy.2013-07-07 Coronado 80940 Such a neat family.2013-07-07 Coronado 80950 2013-07-07 iPhone 828942013-07-07 iPhone 82896 We headed up to check out Newport area since we don’t generally venture out much from our normal stomping grounds in California.2013-07-07 iPhone 82900 2013-07-07 Coronado 809782013-07-07 iPhone 82902 Then we started the long trek up to the Lake.2013-07-07 iPhone 82910 We dropped Dave and Max off at the airport in Vegas on the way so they could get back to work.2013-07-07 iPhone 82913 See what I mean about missing Max already?  ..and Dave too for that matter. I don’t like that hole in my heart one bit. Luckily I had the lake and all my family to mend it up for a few days until our boys came back up.2013-07-10 reunion 81759

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  1. You guys always dress so well! I hate to be that person but I'm dying to know where you got your white and grey diamond tee!

  2. I love that you went to TK Burger! My husband used to work with a kid whose family owned it. That's our absolute favorite!! I make everyone I know go there while visiting SoCal.

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