The day after Christmas we stole away with just our family up to the mountains overnight. (Well, my brother Josh was with us but we consider him pretty much part of our family.)

Dave’s sister was kind enough to let us use her cabin and I don’t know quite how to thank her enough for that. At first I thought Dave may have been a little loopy to suggest driving that far (three hours each way) for an overnight trip. And we all know Dave is not hip to the jive to travel anywhere in the car with Lucy…not even to the grocery store. But I knew better than to remind him of that so I zipped my lips and we packed up the car and set off.
It was such a great trip. There’s nothing like leaving the phone and kids’ friends and responsibilities at home and just “being” with your family. Life just seems to take over when we’re home and sometimes I don’t really “see” or “hear” my kids for days because I’m scrambling around trying not to sink under papers and deadlines and carpool stuff.

Plus I think it was pretty refreshing to have this view out our car windows as opposed to the usual desert variety we get here in the suburbs:
Bottom line is that I loved this trip.

And I love my family even more because of it.

And we need a cabin of our own 😉 (I wish.)

We put our new karaoke machine to use:
Claire was pretty into it.
Lucy sure liked it too (and was dancing while I changed my ISO so sorry for the blur).
I just liked bossing everyone around with a microphone.

We pretty much played games for 24 hours.
That is, after I confiscated everyone’s electronics. Not really, they were actually pretty good not to touch them much. It was way more fun to just hang out with our family, right kids? (wink, wink)
Have I mentioned that we like the game “Guess Who?” Just checking. I lost a bunch of back rub time because of that game (five minutes for the winner)…by the end I ended up at square one with Dave but I still owe Max five minutes.

We took full advantage of the hot tub there:

Our kids thought it was the coolest thing ever to get to go sit in a hot tub after dark. And I thought it was the coolest thing ever that when the kids got out (because it was so hot) they just sat there steaming on the side…(wish this picture wasn’t blurry so you could see it better).

After more games and a stop at Denny’s (which happens to be Dave and the kids fav. restaurant)……we headed home.

Watching the most gorgeous sunset sink behind the mountains as we drove.
I must note that these sunset shots are straight out of the camera while Dave zipped along the highway and Lucy was quiet as a mouse in the back seat. I couldn’t do a thing to make them any more beautiful than they already were.

I think telephone/power lines are so beautiful with a sunset backdrop.
Thank you, thank you James & Christy for letting that happen…and thank you Dear David for forgetting that you don’t like to drive with Lucy.

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  1. We got that same electronic Guess who game for Christmas. We also love that game. It is easy so each kid can play and short so as a parent you can feel good about playing a game with your kids that didn't take too long. What a fun trip for your family.

  2. looks like a great get away and I'd just like to escape the laundry, dishes and floors for a while!

    love the pic of your hubby deep in thought with guess who!


  3. we did a two day cabin trip last week (rented and drove 1.5 hours) and it was wonderful! exploring the woods and family games. I like the back rub idea…very fun. the winner gets 5 minutes from everyone? i loved guess who as a child, but haven't played it in so long….lastly, you wore that cute yellow vest on your cabin adventure, I brought all loungewear. love the hot tub shot…love how you take pictures of the details…we got a new game called RUCKUS that we LOVE and it is fun for me, hubby, 10,8, and 5 year old! we have played it nearly every night since Christmas.

  4. I love your blog. We had a family "Guess Who" tournament for fhe activity last night, so fun. This is our second game we have gone through. Also, I noticed that you will be coming to my neck of the woods for TOFW, Richmond, VA. I hope to be there too :). I am jealous that you get to live in AZ. I loved our 3 years in Mesa, I would go back in a heartbeat. 😀

  5. Sometimes short unplanned family get aways are more enriching and relaxing to a family than regular holidays, your family is amazing and your an amazing Mum. So glad you all had such a wonderful time.

  6. Okay, best day ever! Away from the world playing games all day with your family? How fun! The picture of Claire rocking out while doing the splits is awesome . . .

  7. Loved your blog from the first time I found it about 2 months ago. Can I just ask, is it possible for ANYONE in your family to take a bad picture? You all look like models! It's kind of unfair but I still love the blog 🙂

  8. you must live in Arizona cause there is no other place I have been that has such amazing Sunsets (I call them Arizona Sun Fires)…. and I have been around the USofA (seriously)

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