My mom and sisters and I snuck away after Claire’s baptism to a close-by hotel to catch up and talk about a few projects we want to do together.
My sister Saydi is living my dream living in England for six months right now so she couldn’t be with us, but we hooked up with her and talked on the computer for a few hours, all five of us.
We, true to form when we get together, laughed until we bawled our eyes out about the funniest things…(or maybe we were just really, really tired…thanks for the pictures, Sar) … and talked about our biggest challenges and celebrations in life right now.

Saren is running Power of Moms while trying to juggle everything else in life (and is doing a beautiful job), Charity just landed a cool job in Palo Alto and is living it up with adventure after adventure, Saydi is trying to adjust to traipsing four kids around London, and my Mom is traveling around like nobody’s business doing speeches and trying to keep up with all nine children living all over the place. We all have had our triumphs and challenges over the last year and it’s so nice to feel more connected in person and feel the love we have for each other.

We went out to dinner and sat in the hot tub and talked ’til late.
Oh I love these ladies.

We came back in time to hit 8:00 church where Claire glowed with her lingering baptism smile from the day before, whipped up a quick podcast:(you can listen to it hereI was trying my best not to sneeze or sniffle too much…SO annoying), and ate Thai food for dinner before we sadly shuffled Saren and Charity off to the airport.
The next morning my parents helped me get the kids off to school:

…and Lu off to dance class before I took them to fly away from the beautiful weather we have here in the desert.
…weather that unfortunately causes an inordinate amount of sneezing and itching 🙂

It was a quick trip and left me inspired and rejuvenated…the way I always feel after being with these guys.

Speaking of strong women (which my sisters and mother are to me) check out the story of this woman …so heartbreaking but so inspiring too.

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  1. Oh this was a great post. I loved the picture of you laughing, all of you really laughing. I thought, i wonder what they were talking about for them to laugh that hard.. too cute!! I love how close you are as a family and sisters. Really great podcast too!!! thanks for sharing it!

  2. I LOVE the picture of you and your sisters and mother laughing. That is exactly how I am with my sisters and my mother. We get laughing so hard we can't stop, and we just start crying!! Such good times.

  3. What fun!

    But the best is the picture of your dad and Claire going off to school. It is sweet, to be sure. but I live now (and have always lived) in a place with no sidewalks, snow all winter, and snow and mud everywhere in April, and very little sun in the winter. Beautiful scenery all around me (amazing mountains), and wonderful people, but not beautiful landscaping, lots of unfinished houses, etc. I love where I am and where I am raising my kids. I love that they get a sense of the real sometimes gritty world we live in. I guess I am just fascinated always by how other people live. My kids have no idea what it is like to ride their bikes to school, but they know what it is like to have to play in the front yard because there are two big moose in the back yard! I guess life can be fun & interesting no matter where you are!

  4. That picture of you, Charity, and your mom laughing on the bed is what I wish for in my life. I want to take time to "belly laugh" so much more often. That is my favorite picture!

  5. This is Tessa Winger's Brother Jake. (The strong woman mentioned and hyperlinked in the blog.) Thank you so much for all who have visited and donated.

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