I get amused by Father & Sons. The reason is because of what I always had pictured in my mind of what those words would entail: the dads taking off with the rowdy boys to camp out and the mothers, left with only their one or two well-mannered, sweet, clean and primped daughters taking off to go shopping together or to get pedicures.

And I amuse myself thinking of my case scenario…Dave having a relaxing camp out with our mellow one great boy, and me with my FOUR girls clamoring around me. I’d love to see those sweet ladies at the nail salon’s faces had I turned up last night with my ragamuffins in tow as we settled down to get our pedicures, Lucy throwing one of her signature tantrums at my feet.

Instead, I was that mom trying to keep all my girls together and out of harm’s way as we maneuvered ourselves through the mall to the new double-decker carousel…the girls faces smeared with their leftover chocolate Frosties from our drive-thru run and us all plugging our noses because Lucy was stinky and I forgot to bring a spare diaper. That was our “Father and Sons” side trip. And you know what, I think it was more fun than any pedicure or shopping trip. I can only imagine how fun those will be some day when they are all out of their tantrum and fit stages. I love those girls! Hope the boys are having fun.

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  1. I seriously thought about you last night. I was thinking about how it isn’t much of a break for you. Sounds like your girls had fun though. Your a great mom!

  2. I have thought the same thing! Adam gets to chill with Henry and I get the rowdy, crazy crew. But, I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

    And man, we will have fun when they are older. Doing mani/pedi’s and such. Can’t wait!

  3. I just got into the whole blog thing and I am loving it! I have enjoyed reading your posts! You are so great.
    Happy Mother’s Day to one of the best moms I know!
    Love ya- Andrea

  4. So true! That’s not quite a fair trade is it. I grew up with 5 brothers and I’m the only daughter so it was one on one time with my mom. But I feel the same way right now when Rich dashes off to preisthood meeting I’m left with 5 busy little kids. When I lived in Utah they would have ladies night out everywhere and I’m home alone with 5 kids. Not quite the bunch they would like me to drag in to their store.

    How fun to have a special night with your girls. I can’t wait for mine to get a bit older and do all the fun girly stuff. I’ve waited my whole life for it!

    And you made me feel better that I’m not the only one that forgets diapers. Of course Brynn was walking through Wal-mart the other day with only one shoe, so I obviously have issues with forgetfulness.

    Loved the post!

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