We got back late for Father’s Day.  
We had been at Duke for the BBS conference and couldn’t get a flight home ’til 7:00.
But the kids were waiting with baited breath for their Dad to get home so they could share the gems they made for him.
This was my fav. pic. of the night:
Dave sure caught him off guard 🙂
This one is a little better:
Following the gifts they set him down for some nice back/foot rubs while we watched “Grounghog Day.” 

I’m so glad they adore him so much.
And for how grateful they are for all he does. 

Some day, when they are parents themselves, maybe they’ll start to have an inkling of a comprehension of all the worry/love/protectiveness he has for them.

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  1. cracking up over the pic where he is embracing max. ahahah the horror for a teenage boy. also max and elle side by side look like twins!

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