We pampered Dave pretty well yesterday.
One of his favorite parts was the little photoshoot I made him do with the kids.
But honestly, it’s obligatory in my book on Father’s Day.  The only pictures I can find with my Dad are these:
Isn’t he cute?  
How I wish I had more.  
So here’s our little Father’s Day shoot:
(He was a good sport 🙂

Wait, let’s hold the press on that last one.

Seriously?  Dave isn’t a small guy.  And Max dwarfs him.


Oh man we are thankful for that guy in the middle.

He makes our world go round.

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  1. What a good-looking bunch of kids! Seriously, everyone in your family is so pretty/handsome! 🙂 I'm excited to see a photo tour of your new home when you get everything settled and arranged. Have a great summer!

    Your paralyzed friend,

  2. Totally off topic…pictures are great by the way…but I have been wondering what your opinion/rule is on sleepovers. I am NOT a fan of them but with my daughters getting older I know many invitations are right around the corner. If you ever have a chance I'd love to know how you (and your readers) deal with them.

  3. Shawni, you have such a beautiful family. And wow, I've met you and Dave in person and I'm amazed at how tall Max is! Pretty cool. Have a great summer, lady.

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