Yes, old news but I’m going to give a valiant effort to catch up around here, and get better at writing my thoughts down. Somehow writing down all those thoughts helps me conceptualize them better in my brain and in my heart.

But for now, let’s talk about Father’s Day for a second. I wrote about “the glory of dads” back HERE on the actual big day, but here’s what we did.

The girls made this banner listing all the things they love about their dad:

It took a long time to read that whole thing…there sure are a lot of reasons to love their Dad.

They also whipped him up a grand dinner, and took him out on a scooter ride.

Even the BYU volleyball team gave him a shout-out:

(Max looks a little frightened by his Dad’s enthusiasm, ha! But oh boy, is he grateful for this dad cheerleader of his!)

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