The kids and I made this for Dave yesterday. (Well, I should actually say Elle mostly made it with a little help from me…and the other kids helped pick out the songs.)

We loved watching it together last night and reminiscing about how much we love our dad.

(Yes, Eli, we took all the music ideas from your blog…thanks! Love you.)

We also made Dave a pie. This is significant since we’ve never made one before. None of us like pie but him. But maybe we have some takers now because this one was pretty good.
Let’s just check out my favorite pictures one more time…
…there we go.

Happy Father’s Day.

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  1. I loved it! I started making slideshows for my family a few years ago, so I have a great appreciation for this sort of thing. Elle did an amazing job for such a young gal! I'd love to know what program she used to put it together. Maybe you could answer that in one of your Friday Q&A posts.

    Your paralyzed friend,

  2. Krystle, that first song is called "Stole My Heart" by Little & Ashley.

    Robyn, it is just iMovie on the Mac. She's pretty good at it and taught me so much! We were pretty proud of ourselves that we managed to make some of the music fade in and out.

  3. I love the joy for family and fatherhood that is captured in that 7min. I hope we have enough happy snaps to make one for our dad in a few years.(Great taste in music Elle!)

  4. oh precious! So many great photos! I need to take my camera out more and get more daddy snaps! love sharing all those memories and I love owl city so much! their version of 'In Christ Alone' is one of my all time fave songs


  5. Found your blog in the blogosphere and now I'm a follower!! I hve felt so much inspiration and motivation from your blog to be a better, wife, mother and person in this world. Thank you.
    Your slideshow inspired me to tkae my photography to more heights. I need to whip it out more in my family, I love all the facial expressions and expereinces you were able to capture.
    Thanks once again.

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