We have some big news to share. Something we have really, really been praying for: Lucy’s exciting acceptance into the FBC summer program.

What is FBC you might ask? It is the Foundation for Blind Children, an truly amazing organization. One that has already done so much good for Lucy. They offer all kinds of “Super Saturdays” and extracurricular things to help blind kids learn more independence. Lucy has been quite skeptical of joining many of their programs. This vision loss thing is, of course, extremely emotional for her. And for us as well. But the first time she agreed to go was a huge milestone for us. And there have been other successes with them as well. One of which was a step to being accepted to this summer program.

The summer program is called “Teen to Work” and it teaches blind kids all kinds of skills and independence. They learn to write resumes, have actual work experience, stay in the dorms of the local college here, and even cook for themselves if desired.

When we first mentioned this option to Lucy she was NOT having it. Not her thing.

This was too far out of her comfort zone as far as she was concerned. It is FIVE WEEKS LONG for crying out loud. To be honest, I think it’s even further out of my comfort zone than it is for her. My heart still sinks when I think of all that time! But we just felt like it could be such a great opportunity for her.

A “Summer Internship”

Dave and I had the idea to let Lucy know this could be her “summer internship.”

You see, as anyone knows who has been around here for a while, our kids all do a “summer after junior year internship abroad.” Max and Grace went to China, Elle to London, and Claire to The Netherlands. So when we found out that this program was offered this summer, we decided if we could cajole Lu into accepting this it could be her summer internship. Sure, it’s the summer after her sophomore year, but hey, if she loves it, I’m sure there’ll be another opportunity after her junior year.

Even though she complained that, wailing that all her siblings had to do for their internships was go to a different country. HA! But really, this is such a different kind of being uncomfortable in so many ways.

But there are two main things that helped her realize this really was for her:

  • She wants to learn independence like no one I’ve ever seen before.
  • This girl wants to get a job! With all her heart.

So finally she was on board.

Then there was the hurdle of getting in.

She had a few interviews. Each time I did my best to pep-talk her through them. I used all my might to prep her and help her feel ready. Those interviews were a story of their own, but by that time, Lucy was pretty convinced that this is exactly where she needed to be.

Then we just prayed this opportunity would work out. Both of us. All three of us. Actually a whole village of us because we had friends and extended family praying too.

And THEN, as Lu and I were scrambling to catch our last leg flight back from Thailand, this note proclaiming Lucy’s exciting acceptance into the FBC Summer Program popped into my inbox:

a screenshot of the email explaining Lucy's summer program acceptance

We were already on a high from running our little hearts out to make that connection…which was a miracle in and of itself. But oh! There was some good happiness going on in our jetlagged stupor.

Shawni and Lucy in the airport so excited about Lucy's acceptance into the FBC Summer Program

We sat and read the schedule and all the outlines for what Lu would be doing and my fears for her started to vanish.

I was so filled up with peace. Although there are still lots of logistics to work out, and so many things to work on, this was going to be a good thing for this girl of mine.

Orientation is this Thursday. If anyone has any prayers to spare, we’ll take them!


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  1. Congratulations Lucy! What an accomplishment.
    Throwing my good wishes into the ring that any bumps you run into make you strong (though, you’re plenty strong already!)

  2. I know that Lucy doesn’t want to be different, but I think she is outstanding! Her courage, her determination, her reliability, her diligence and her heartfelt messages. She really is an example even for me at 40 years old!

  3. Congratulations Lucy! Your Heavenly Father knew the intentions of your heart! I am praying that as you go for your orientation that a wave of peace will flow over you. You are amazing! What a wonderful experience for you!

  4. This is going to be a life-and-thought changer for Lucy. I am so proud of her exceptional courage to take this on. She is going to do “Impossible” which will make the “next impossible thing so much easier.” Love you Lucy!

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