Ok there may not be much rhyme or reason to the order of these pictures, but February is fading fast, and these gorgeous blossoms from way back then are now probably dusty summer leaves by now.  
February started with these two darling parents coming to pick up their two darling girls who had spent a couple weeks with us (back HERE):

…and with the beginning of real dog life around here.

(More about Bo Jangles HERE.)

Meanwhile over on Oahu this girl of ours fell into a few modeling jobs.

This one is for “barefoot blonde” who she met in a some hotel hot tub over there and you can see more of her pics that I just found over HERE…man alive, I have to search those things out!  This is all I got from Elle.
The photographer of that actual photoshoot, and others too, is so great…check her out over HERE.
Elle also had a little fun doing a bubble run…

…right as Lu was working her heart out at her own “super hero run” back here in the desert.

Grace wrapped up her cheer career (HERE):

Right before she and I headed up to Youth Conference (back HERE).

Grace drives us around with her permit…which means one of us parents sits in the back sometimes.  Love this pic. of Dave back there with his girls.

…and I still think it’s so WEIRD that we can all fit in a sedan these days.

My brother and his wife and baby surprised Elle in Hawaii since they were there for something or another…

(my brother told her he needed her to help befriend his friend “Daryl” who was coming and told her where to meet him only to find these two…oh I love my family)

We had a little family Superbowl party and it is one of my favorite memories from February (over HERE).

Claire is getting aware of teenager-hood and I think it’s the best ๐Ÿ™‚
I walked Bo Jangles to the bus to meet Lucy a few times…and she about jumped out of her skin to get to that girl of hers when she saw her ๐Ÿ™‚

…and that dog accompanied us EVERYWHERE so that we could keep a constant eye on her!

We stole the girls away one night to see “Hidden Figures” (back HERE), and it was so good.

Meanwhile more hair extension shoots over in Hawaii…

We had a few girls join us in Mia Maids (the 14-15 year olds in Young Women at church), and this is what we do on their birthdays:

We were in charge one of the weeks so we did a whole bunch of games including 3-Deep (that I explained in a new years post back HERE).

My friend’s daughter surprised her family with a mission call.  Only the dad knew she was planning on going, and I was in charge of distracting the mom while they got things situated.  Look at that joy in my friend’s face:

It was such a great night.

More work packing and driving to help out at BrainFood.

Love that place.

Valentine’s prep:

(Lucy made up that guy all by herself.)

…and we made these for our missionaries (cousins and Max’s companion too), and Elle, along with a few other Valentine’s things in packages I smooshed full as could be…

…and I closed down the post office once again trying to get them sent off.

We had the best 4th-Grade hike with angel helpers for Lucy.

I won’t ever forget that one.  More about that back HERE.

We rolled up all our rugs at the advice from our dog trainer, and it was empty in here for a good long time (we just barely put them back for Conference last week).

Grace was sick, and it’s good to have good friends to come bring you smoothies when you’re sick:)

Lucy has some cute friends who come over every so often to jump on the trampoline.  Love these cute boys:

Spring hiking was in full-swing in February…still is…I love hiking in the desert!

This one was with some friends and my girl Claire.

More stuff I stole from Elle:

Meanwhile Claire was “modeling” for a blanket company one of my girls at church is starting:

Love those cute girls!

These girls helped me get busy busting out sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day:

Because that is a must around here for the big V-Day.

We delivered them to the people I visit teach…and a few others…and I loved that Lucy was so excited to hold this cute baby at one of the houses.

She is not usually a baby kind of a girl.

This is old but Elle got on the Billabong Instagram making all kinds of friends with the professional surfers during surf season over there.

Grace and Claire have started full-swing into tennis, and are here a LOT.

Elle’s singing friend has a new single.

She is so so good.

Our boy got more dots on his chart ๐Ÿ™‚

Dave spent some time in China for work.  Loved seeing this pic he send us of church…miss that place!

Meanwhile we had Valentine’s Day here…and missed that great Valentine of ours.

(Valentine’s Day back HERE.)

Lucy gets closer and closer to see her piano music but is doing tremendously well with piano.

Lots of joy coming home from school to this furry friend:

Grace and her crew:

Young women here for some yoga:

I found some old mission pictures from my mission.  This was the whole crew:

(It was the very beginnings of the church being in Romania.)

Lucy is working hard on gymnastics.  Love this cute teacher of hers with all my heart.

We had a joyous reunion with Dave when he got back from China.

He brought some good knock-offs too which added to the excitement.

Bo had her training.

And although Dave claims he can’t stand her, sometimes we have moments like this:

Our friend who designed our wall came to town.

I had to get a picture of him in front of that thing.

It was a ton of work and we appreciate him so so much.  Love that thing.

More about the WALL back HERE.  (I had a few people ask me for Brian’s contact info., and although I don’t think he’ll do this much, I’ll add it back on that post.)

Our glasses girls:

Claire decided on about three new business ventures she and a friend were going to start in February.  This one is stuffed desert things…

Lu and I snuck away to see Moana since she was a little worried I hadn’t seen it yet.  We had a little crazy story getting into the movie theater, which is a story in and of itself, but that was a good movie and totally worth the fiasco/adventure to get there!

Claire had some good cousin time…and one of those cousins is pretty awesome at hair-dos so Grace decided she should do a photoshoot of them.

That cute hair-expert-cousin did the photographer’s hair as well:

…and they were all pretty excited about it.

…except the fact that I made them walk home from this bird preserve…

Speaking of walks, In February we started taking Bo on more of them.  We walked Lucy to school a couple times but she was so tired I carried her a bunch of the way home.  My neighbor saw me and snapped a picture because she figured “carrying” a dog for a walk was pretty funny ๐Ÿ™‚

Caught up with these lovely ladies…

And this awesome brother who had a quick lay-over here in the desert for a few hours:

We had New Beginnings at church, and although I couldn’t round up all the new girls at the same time, I had to snap a pic of the ones I could catch…they looked so beautiful with their flower crowns on.

I was in charge of the programs and had the BEST helper through Etsy (my friend in charge was using her for the big stuff).  Check her out over HERE, she does some beautiful stuff!

My high school friends came to town and we had the best mini reunion.

Lots more about that over HERE.

Meanwhile Dave got to do this:

Yeah, he was pretty excited about that!

Maureen (one of my best high school friends) stayed a couple days after our little reunion and we loved soaking her up.

We had her teach us a little lesson on looking up family ancestry while she was here…she is pretty darn good at that.

And the girls sweet-talked us into a lunch date before she left.

Elle headed to Maui to visit my brother between trimesters over there (they ended the end of Feb. and began beginning of March)

We shared Bo with cousins.

Scripture study.  HA!

I think we need to move back to the counter…

Bo Love to finish out LOVE MONTH.

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  1. RachelApril 11, 2017 at 1:17 PM
    Hey Shawni! My husband served in Romania with you. He's Elder Benjamin up in the left corner. He has that same picture. Man he loved his mission and everyone who served there. President Wilde was at our wedding.

    1. I just did a double take on that mission pic and realized your Mission President and his wife are my brother's in-laws. They are fabulous and my SiL is awesome.

    2. Oh my goodness I LOVE the Wildes! Please give them my best, I am so out of touch! And I love Elder Benjamin too! Such a small world! I wish I could be at the mission reunions and catch up with everyone! It was the best mission ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. My favorite thing would have to be those hormones bugging Claire! haha! Seriously:) and your Bo-posts make me simultaneously miss our toy Australian Shepherd, named Finn, and be really really thankful that I'm not wrangling a dog while living/traveling in Germany! Haha.

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