February started out like this…

…pretty beauty-weather and a bike ride to Denny’s for breakfast with Lu since the other girls were tied up with something or other.
All that beauty weather resulted in my annual horrible allergy season.  Dang it!  I was able to remedy it ok last year with preventative measures but this year they didn’t work.  So my friend brought this by to see if it would help kick it:

Yow, if you’ve every tried one of those you’ll know that yow is a good word to describe it!

I have random pictures of things like this on my phone:

…and they make me happy.

These two are best of friends:

And here are some blossoms that bring gorgeousness but also allergies:

…and a dog that brings happiness:

…and also still a little frustration at times πŸ™‚

Our kitchen looks like this in February:

(mess sometimes included, sometimes not…I think that was Super Bowl preparation where we go crazy making yummy stuff)

The kitchen looks like that because we have FHE like this:

And produce things like this:
…that surround me and make me happy all month.

(more on those hearts back HERE.)

My brother and his son randomly ran into my cute niece where she works and of course, sent us an awesome selfie:

We did paper hearts with the Activity Days girls too, and I know I wrote about it somewhere but I can’t find it to link up right now…

We went and “heart-attacked” the doors of some of the widows in our church congregation.

And the next time we met, one of those sweeties dropped this off for the girls as a thank you:

I love love.

Lucy was pretty excited to be on one of the soccer teams at lunch recess.  It’s a tournament that goes on around this time of year with a bunch of different teams and Lucy, just like her older sisters before her, was pretty jazzed up about that little activity.  She was sure to tell me when each game was and keep me up on all the details of how it was going to do.  When we were in Wisconsin for one of the games she was sure to text the team captain to tell her she was rooting everyone on.

It was fun to watch her out there red-faced, running her little heart out.

Spring sprung all over the place.

…and more allergies came with it.

I had to sweet-talk Lu into reading this book:

I have to sweet-talk her into starting almost every book now.  Which makes me so sad because she used to love reading so much.  I think she can’t see the words quite as well and it’s frustrating to her, but each time I get her going she ends up LOVING those things, and sneaks to finish them without me.  I fein that I’m mad about that, and she gets some big smiles, but it makes my heart happy when I see her loving books, and reading them, even if she’s holding them up close to her nose.

How many things I’ve taken for granted with my other kids astounds me sometimes. 

After a little fancy talking to Claire, she tried out for the tennis team and has loved it so much.

The best part being with that big sister of hers.  It’s been the best season, even juggling with volleyball a lot.

It was a cold winter.  The definition of “cold winter” here in the desert is frost on the ground, and that happened a few times which Lucy and I marveled at as we walked to school:

We took all these girls on a fun date to downtown:

And Grace was (and still is) caught in a whirlwind that is called senior-hood.

These pictures were after an assembly and I have really similar ones from when Elle was a senior. 

It’s just so strange to me that those three years sped by so quickly.

MORP was weird this year because Grace decided not to ask a date.  The guy she was going to ask got asked and it all got complicated so she just went with a group of girls and had a pretty jolly good time.

Claire kept on learning with her club volleyball.

I just watched some videos of that specific tournament and marveled at how much she has learned in such a short amount of time. 

There are lots of heartbreaking things as a mom.  You worry so much about every little thing and there are so many levels of balance to find.  But as a trade-off it’s pretty cool to watch growth. 

Physically and mentally and emotionally.  Fun to watch Claire develop all of those right before my eyes the last few months.

And what’s this?  Another senior picture??  Ha!

Ok maybe there are other grades in that one too, but I love love love getting these pictures.  Our cheer team and pom team did pretty great at nationals.

One more from MORP:

Our prophet came and did a devotional in this huge football stadium:

(More on that HERE.)

Lucy was a brave, brave girl with lots of poking and proding at doctor appointments:

Right after MORP we got a delivery at the door:

Grace got asked to her last high school prom…

…from one of her oldest friends (those are all pictures of those two as near-toddlers).  She’s so excited!

Sometimes Abby sneaks into volleyball practices and sends us pictures.  I liked this one πŸ™‚

More soccer at the elementary school:

More volleyball practice:

The young women did a fund raiser for girls camp right in time for Valentine’s Day.  They sold gigantic cookies and all helped to fulfill all the orders that came in.  Lucy was pretty pleased to help:

My friend brought us the cutest Valentine’s gifts. 

(all the stuff we did on Valentine’s Day is back HERE.)

This weather was SO cool…love foggy mornings.  Maybe because they only happen once in a blue moon.

This happened in February:

Pretty big news I have to say!!

A picture from a volleyball game warm-up Abby sent:

One of our February lunch dates:

(more about those over HERE)

These girls took a road trip to California:

…and these girls had a fun little girls’ night out:

…and these girls (that’s Lu down there), had a polar plunge night:

Claire had a big-time volleyball tournament here:

(more info. HERE)

I read this as one of my two books for February and I have so many thoughts about it!

I really liked it…so well written, so many thought-provoking things, so many big ideas, so many things to discuss.  I’d love to hear other’s thoughts on it if you want to share.  It was fun to discuss with Abby who had just finished it.

More of Grace in California:

A teenage bedroom:

A diligent practicer with a multi-tasking mother at her side:

Grace and the best security guard ever after I dropped her off from our lunch date:

A perfect rainbow on one of my toughest days:
I had to turn in a headshot for my I Am Mom summit profile and it was so weird to be in front of the camera as Claire clicked away:

Lots of thoughts and some addendum items to that summit talk back HERE.  That didn’t actually happen until March but I was sure thinking a lot about it in February!

Remember that picture of frost on the grass up above?  Well, there was actually SNOW here in the desert in addition to that.  That is big news in these parts!  A little crew of us went on an adventure to find the snow after one of those cold spells:

Lots more pictures documenting that more fully than you probably care so see back HERE.



And more tennis:

Dave’s uncle and aunt came for a visit to the desert, and came to visit with his parents and another aunt and uncle:

Those are good people right there.

Some friends and I went out to bask in the beauty of the desert:

It had been rainy and remember that snow we tried to chase in the mountains?  It left a present as it all melted in the form of a little waterfall in a usually really dry spot:

We get excited about funny things here in the desert, right?  Ha!

But it was so beautiful!

Meanwhile Dave got to sneak away for a quick ski:

That was his “thank you for holding down the fort, this is so much fun” picture to me πŸ™‚

My friends and I put on a little bridal shower for one of Elle’s friends.

We were pretty proud of our balloon arch πŸ˜‰

Dave sent this funny picture from the BYU game:

Homework girls:

Shower/balloon expert girls:

Tall girl trying to be normal-height:

(More about that shower and the wedding we got to have Elle home for back HERE.)

And that’s a wrap for February, 2019!

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