Lucy has found an ingenious new way to get around. She’s quite proud of her new “walker.”
Max is inseparable from his Suns jersey. And he’s getting pretty good at the cello. And he and his basketball team have had a tough season. I think they’re one and six now. But they’re keeping their chins up and having a great time and are learning a ton from their excellent coach (who happens to be Dave).Elle got some serious bangs. And I overheard her telling her friends in the gymnastics carpool that she thinks her legs are “chubby.” Check out those toothpicks. And we went and played tennis a couple weekends ago.Elle is such a great big sister. She has been reading many a book to her little sisters lately. And I’m telling you, I think she could get a job as a library story teller. She’s really good at it. She’s also an interesting clothing coordinator.We love all the neighbor kids. And they have ingenious ways to invent forms of transportation.
Grace and her friend decided to have a “necklace sale” (as opposed to the usual lemonade stand, which they realized just doesn’t do the trick as well in the winter). I’m not sure where they got the necklaces, or what qualified them to be “pretty” or “werid” (I like that spelling), but I loved their sale “ad.”
Claire loves being four and likes to show it off. She also likes getting her face painted like a kitty at the gym. She also likes to throw herself dramatically to the ground when she doesn’t get what she wants.Grace loves to lug Lucy around on her hip. Lucy doesn’t love it as much. But she’s starting to prefer Grace to the other kids which makes Grace incredibly delighted. Lucy likes to show off her belly.
I found Lucy crying and Max sitting next to her with a total guilty look on his face. When I looked closer I noticed Lucy had bite marks on her cheek. Seriously…Max is 10! I asked what in the world was going on and he said he was just trying to kiss her cheek but that she was just so cute that he had to “nibble it a little bit.” Then I couldn’t be mad because I want to eat up that squishy face too.This the view we have of sunsets from our front yard. We have some pretty amazing wing-dinger sunsets here. (Ignore the blurriness and embrace that incredibly handsome man with his glasses-proud, sweet daughter.)The three older kids got to be on the cover of a community magazine. They were over the moon. The girls did an ad for it a couple months ago, and they couldn’t believe their good fortune then. Imagine their excitement this time. It’s like a dream come true!

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  1. I am laughing SO HARD at Max nibbling on Lucy’s cheek!! I can’t blame him a bit.

    Oh, and the sunsets here are THE BEST! Honestly one of my favorite things about AZ.

    I love that your kids are on the cover of the magazine. They are way too cute to keep to yourself!

  2. Sorry missed your call today! Darn…

    I laughed so hard about Max and the cheek incident…

    Your kids are so cute (and used to cameras), I bet you could get their college paid in no time!

  3. Funny that the cheek nibbling incident is what stood out to me as well. She is mighty nibble-worthy! Chock full of information this post is. love the magazine cover! Did you take that picture? The necklace sale is a great idea. Did anyone buy the “werid” ones? LOL So cute.

  4. I love that photo of lucy and especially that Max had a little nibble! I have that urge all the time with Henry.

    I would love to see what their weird necklaces looked like! What cute little girls.

  5. Great pictures as usual! I bet the kids thought they were movie stars when they saw themselves on the cover of the magazine. How fun! My kids and I couldn’t get over that beautiful sunset either. We were driving somewhere and we couldn’t stop talking about it. Lucy seems like she went from baby to toddler the last couple of months with her pigtails and walking around. The cheek nibbling is a classic little story. Don’t we all want to just eat up those chubby cheeks.

  6. Ha Ha thats great, I totally miss AZ and i just posted today the things I miss and one of them was the SUNSETS!! I swear I didn’t see your blog post until just now…glad we think alike though 😉
    Thats totally funny about Max and LUcy!

  7. Yeah I got your Christmas card 🙂 It was adorable…I will email you my add again. BTW, your kids all look like models just like you…so hopefully they get more magazine shoots! How fun!

  8. Designer Shawn 🙂

    Ok you are the “queen of style” ……I love all of the pics!

    I haven’t been by for a while…..but

    I am begging you to hop over to my blog with all of your great ideas and give me your advice on my master bedroom…It needs serious decor attention! Thanks……

  9. he was just trying to kiss her cheek but that she was just so cute that he had to "nibble it a little bit."

    –i, too, am dying! ohh my goodness.
    so in love with your family. and so terrified to have one of my own..

  10. Ok So I realize this post it totally old! And I randomly found it because I just clicked through from today's real post oh like 5 years later. But I love to see where your kids are (back then) because that is somewhat where all of my kids are now. My oldest is 10 and a boy and I have an almost 18 month old. But my oldest would bite because he's mad not because he's adorable. Anyway it gives me hope for what I have in the future and really helps to motivate me to get blogging more AGAIN!

    Thanks you are so inspiring to me!

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