Warning: a little sappiness below.

Dave is on the other side of the world again where he can’t check blogs (the government has restrictions for that sort of thing…seriously), so I can’t get in trouble for being a little mushy in this post (he has restrictions on mushiness). Usually I’m fine when he’s gone. The kids and I have grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner and we stay out at Target or running errands ’til bedtime. I get in productive mode and get projects galore under my belt…and I don’t sleep. Sure, we miss Dave, but we endure and then soak him up when he gets home.

But this week is different. I miss him so much it aches. You see, on Wednesday it was our anniversary. Our FIFTEEN year anniversary. And I celebrated by having a slew of cousins sleep over with my girls and managing the summer mayhem by myself, passing by the gorgeous flowers on my counter Dave had sent to arrive on the big day over and over as I cleaned up spilled lemonade and changed diapers and dried tears and tried to cajole my kids to eat more veggies. He spent the day traveling around China to various factories there. He has some product he needed to be there for, and with our crazy summer schedule there was no other time he could make that trip work.

I miss him not only for this week while he’s physically gone, but because I swear life seems to swirl into bigger and bigger commotion as our kids grow, and we can hardly get a word in edgewise to each other over the dinner chaos or the carpools figuring who needs to be where and when, or through some drama of one sort or another brewing between our “sweet” children.

In the midst of the cacophony of raising five children, I hope he knows that he is my number one. I love being a mother almost more than anything else I can think of in the whole wide world, second only to getting to be a wife to this man. Our kids will grow up and move away, and though they will always be wrapped around my finger with a vise grip, Dave’s place is wrapped around my heart.

I thought Dave was my best friend way back then, fifteen years ago, and as I look back now I realize that was only skimming the surface. I’m so thankful for the depth of “us” that reaches through fifteen years of all the ups and downs all agglomerated together to make the relationship we have now.

What I have learned about Dave is that he is incredibly humble. He always says he’s sorry first even if it’s not his fault. He knows how to put first things first. He is compassionate. He is passionate. He is a go-getter like I’ve never seen before when he sets his mind to something. He knows how to prioritize.

And he chooses to prioritize me. At the top of his list.

I am the luckiest girl I know.

I love you baby…can’t wait for our “get-away” when you get home.

p.s. sorry so sappy…couldn’t help it

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  1. Congrats! It's nice to know that there are still people out who can celebrate being married for so long! Happy Anniversary! You're an inspiration.

  2. Happy Anniversary. The Intercontinental Montelucia in Paradise Valley is having great deals right now. It is a beautiful resort that sits right by Camelback mountain (just an FYI in case you and Dave need a get away).

  3. Shawni, I'm one of your "quiet" but faithful readers. I check your blog almost every day. You just brighten my day and/or give me a lot to think about. You've made me hold a mirror up to my face and made me reflect on how I'm doing as a wife, mom, person. So, here I am finally posting cause I want to say Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby! Your reunion will be so worth it!! Hope you have a wonderful getaway!! Somehow, I don't think he will mind a little mushiness!

    Best Regards,

  4. Awwwwww! I think he would allow a little latitude for mushy and sappy on your anniversary.
    Happy 15th to you both. Sounds like a great guy. BTW…what does your husband do that he needs to be in China?

  5. Beautiful Shawni.
    Our's is coming up in a couple months…17th??? It seems unreal. And I feel more than ever a need to get away…you are SO right that as they get older the time we get as a couple get squeezes tighter and tighter.
    Not sappy at all…inspiring.

  6. I remember — it was a beautiful day! Happy anniversary.

    I'm with you on the sleep. So totally deprived. I need Newel to come home from Germany cuz a month of nobody telling me it's time for bed is just too much 🙂

  7. Happy Anniversary! So sorry that he is on the other side of the world, but I'm sure he feels your love! That was a BEAUTIFUL tibute to your love for him. Enjoy your time away with him after he gets back…Cheers!!

  8. you make an absolutely gorgeous couple and hope you get a fabulous weekend away together to celebrate

    a beautiful post and pictures


  9. Congrats on 15 years! It's nice to see a couple who fully appreciates one another after 15 years. You give me hope as my husband and I reach our 4th this fall.

  10. Happy Anniversary! I had to laugh at your opening paragraph. My family's schedule (or lack thereof) is the same when my husband travels (he is military). He also comes home to a new room painted or some other projected I took on to occupy my time, I forego the homecooked meals and we eat "kid food" all week and we tend to run late errands (with ice cream stops) in our pjs.

    I am a new reader of your blog having found it just over a week ago, however, I relate to so many of your posts. I think I already thanked you for putting it all out there…it makes me feel so normal!

    Happy Anniversary again,


  11. Happy anniversary. He is a lucky guy and you a lucky girl….so glad you guys have each other. 15 years….time flies when you are having fun. What a beautiful family you guys make.

    I can totally relate to the projects. I totally do that when Mark is out of town.

    No worries about the computer. I actually think it was a yahoo spam thing, lots of people were sending similiar type of emails, from what I have heard from others.

  12. Awwww 🙂 Happy Anniversary!!! And wow! Dave should get on some kind of talent show with those eye brows!!! That's impressive 😉 And I can't remember if I told you, but I am loving the birds and bee book by your mom and dad!!!! Gearing up for the big talk!!! YIKES!

  13. ahhhh, this is just the best.

    Happy anniversary.

    I love the comment/compliment that he knows how to put first things first. That's the best.

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